Intensive Pastoral & Missionary Training

pastoral-training-logoPreparing Missionary Pastors for Churches in Need

Many communities in America are closing their doors because of a lack of pastors to lead and care for their congregations. Often, smaller churches are shrinking in size when their youth move to larger, more active churches.

Teen Missions International is willing and equipped to help meet the need of training people for pastorates. This training is for adult men and women who feel God’s leading to full-time Christian ministry but do not have the money or time for three to four years of college. 

How it Works

  • Intensive Pastoral & Missionary Training (IPMT) is a three-year, on the job training program for potential pastors

  • Each year students will spend the month of January at the Teen Missions Conference Center in Merritt Island, Florida

  • This intensified preparation will focus on developing a true missionary vision

  • While pastoring a church, the church would be required to pay

    you a living wage as well as provide housing for the interning pastor

  • Teen Missions will facilitate locating a church for internship

After completing three years, you will receive a certified diploma from Teen Missions International. You will have completed ninety hours of concentrated study (equivalent of a three year Bible institute course of study).


Teen Missions is an interdenominational organization. During class time, students will be exposed to diverse doctrinal positions which will be taught by people who hold various doctrinal views. Students will be expected to show respect to the pastor who teaches a different doctrinal perspective.


Experienced, qualified pastors, who have been or are presently pastoring churches, and other qualified experienced Bible teachers, will give instruction.


Bibliology - the study of the Bible Theology – the study of GodFaith - the foundational principles of salvation
Theology - the study of GodChrist’s Kingdom – the study of the king and his kingdom
Christology – the study of ChristGeography – the study of Biblical lands
Pneumatology – the study of the Holy SpiritAnalysis – a method of Bible study
Eschatology – the study of things to comeTime Line – chronological (time sequence) and step by step overview of the Bible
Hermeneutics – various forms of Bible study principles and waysEcclesiology - the study of the church
Homiletics – the study of the art of preaching or writing sermonsSoteriology - the doctrine of salvation
Public speaking – practice preparing and delivering sermons


  • Free tuition
  • Free lodging
  • Meals provided according to housing
  • Free books to use during your course of study on the campus
  • Three years signed commitment to complete internship and classes
  • Travel is a personal expense.
  • You may stay at the J.O.Y. RV Park (if you bring your motorhome/RV). You are responsible for utilities.
  • Some housing is available for singles and couples with children (utilities are not included).


  • Men, women, married couples, even with children, who are in need of a concentrated study of Biblical subjects but cannot afford the expensive colleges, seminaries or Bible schools
  • A desire to meet the growing need of pastoring a small church
  • A desire to develop mission and evangelistic vision and skills
  • A desire to develop and deepen a personal relationship with God
  • Must be at least 22 years old

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