Peanut Kids Camp (7-9 years old)

Peanut Kids Camp Program Description

The Peanut kids camp is a blend of Bible training and actual missions experience. Peanuts will learn how to share the Gospel, and they will go and do just that. Peanuts on work teams will learn how to do the work and then they will do it. Some elements of the training, such as music, puppets, and the Obstacle Course—just their size with a rope swing, tunnel, and wall— continue throughout the Peanut program. Peanuts will be taught about the customs and people of other lands by nationals from countries around the world, who will share about their country while dressed in national costume. There will be daily devotions, prayer, Bible memory and Scripture lessons on topics such as Neatness and Order, Talking Back, Authority, Stealing and Lying. During evening rallies under the Peanut Big Top, each team shares their cheers and singing, Miss Piggy gives cleanliness awards and the Obstacle Course results are announced. A missionary speaker will present the evening message.


You need to be 7, 8 or 9 years old to be part of the Peanut program. You must turn 7 before the program ends. You cannot turn 10 before or during the program.

Length of Involvement

Saturday, June 9, 2018 – Saturday, June 16, 2018.

If driving, you should plan to arrive at Boot Camp after 10 AM, but before 12 NOON on Saturday, June 9. The program ends after Commissioning on Saturday, June 16. Parents should plan to pick their children up at that time.

If you are flying to/from the Orlando International Airport (airport code MCO), you should schedule your arrival between 8 AM and 1 PM on Saturday, June 9 and your departure after 9 AM and before 12 noon on Sunday, June 17.


Each team stays in its own tent site, two or three Peanuts to a tent. The sites are close to the bathrooms and the Peanut Big Top Tent. Peanut teams eat together in the dining room. The day begins around 6 AM and the rallies end at 8 PM. At least one fun craft or activity is planned each day; these activities include swimming in the pool, making hand puppets, coloring, block printing T-shirts (the same way they’ve done in India for centuries) and making Wordless Books and Bracelets for use in evangelism. Provided by Teen Missions Provided to each Peanut is a canteen, food tray, bowl, cup, rain poncho, ID badge, activity pack and hard hat (if on a work team). A packing list of what each Peanut should bring will be sent out in May. Included in the involvement expense, each Peanut will receive a team poster and a DVD of their experience.


2018 Teams

Cookie Command

Cookies, anyone? Here’s an opportunity to bless others with your delicious handiwork!

Your team will also learn to use puppets, music and Wordless Books as a way to share the Gospel. You’ll travel with your team to local police stations and fire departments, and hand out goody packages filled with your cookies. These hard workers will enjoy a song from you as well as encouragement from the Scriptures while they eat their cookies. Join us and spend this fun-filled week serving the Lord. You’ll make many new and exciting friends along the way.


Nehemiah’s Trusses

Peanut Kids Camp 2015 trusses

Get ready to grip that hammer and nail some boards!

No matter what age you are, you can come and serve Jesus this summer. If you love to build, you will enjoy learning what goes into a real building project. Your team will nail together and assemble first hand the wooden trusses that will be used to cover the sidewalks at Teen Missions.  Training will be done with construction tools, as well as puppets, music and Wordless Books. You’ll have the opportunity to go out and do a presentation at a local nursing home at the end of your project time. All of these skills can be used serving the Lord and as a way to bless others. If you want a fun work project and want to be a big blessing this summer, come make some memories at The Lord’s Boot Camp.



Contributions Equal to: $299.00 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee



Learn More… on the Mission Trip Forum. Please follow this link to ask questions, learn tips & tricks, or find encouragement for this coming summer.



  1. Kimberly H Williams

    Where is it? Am I totally overlooking location?

  2. What is the youngest that your kids can go to boot camp ?

  3. Christina Hernandez

    Is this a stay base or i have put up each day……

  4. i have to be fl resident in order to put my son???

  5. Hi, good evening. Where is this boot camp located.

  6. Hi I truly would love to send my son but i cant register him til may 26th will that be to late we will be enrolling from tampa.

    • Amanda, No, that is not too late!

      • Santachia Martin

        Looking to enroll my two children in the program. Prior to June 10. Is there still availability. Whhat are the requirements. Will there be another session after June 17th.

        • Santachia, Our only session is June 10-17. Yes, it is still available. Please read the copy of the Peanut Program on our website.

  7. Hello Beth,
    What is the cost of the peanuts program? I would like to enroll my 8 year old grandson? He has ODD.
    Thank you.

  8. Is this a religious camp?

  9. dear pastor in christ, We are ministry from india namely RUACH MINISTRIES especially we are conducting many kids seminars and camps to build the kids about our almighty.Hence we are planning a seminar in march 2017 and is it possible to send any trainer from your side? Please pray for us and be in touch with us to lift our almighty name in high.Pr.Isaac nelson india

  10. Hi are there any peanut camps in Australia , queensland. for 7 to 9 year old.s

  11. Hi there friends, how is the whole thing, and what you wish
    for to say concerning this piece of writing, in my view its genuinely awesome in favor of me.

  12. My name is marquenda Johnson I have a 9 year son that has ADHD disorder and odd disorder and he also has behavior issues at home far as being disrespectful towards me and his step dad I would like to know more about the program it looks very interesting for him to attend

    • Marquenda, Please look on our website under “go” for more information. If you have specific questions, please email us at .

  13. I attended teen missions as a teenager to Honduras! The best memories of my life! I would love for my son to attend peanuts next year. Is there any way to volunteer for another group while he’s there?

    • Danielle, We would love to have you volunteer, either as a leader or a Boot Camp volunteer while he is in Peanuts!

      • My son has a missing piece of a part of a chromosome which causes bad behavior….and adhd and ocd? I was wondering if he qualifies he takes meds at night and in morning. ..and he can stay by himself right?..were from Perry Florida and bf I pay I and travel I want to know for sure thank you

  14. Charmaine Yarde Miller

    Hi, are you able to manage children with add and ADHD.If so will there be someone to administer meds as needed.

  15. We are a low income family and i was wondering if yall had some resources to help me to get my three girls enrolled into this camp.

    • Naomi, We do not have scholarships. However, we do provide prayer cards that you can hand out at church or send to friends and family to help you raise the needed support. It would be helpful if the girls wrote a little note accompanying the prayer cards.

  16. Have any program in Huntington wv? My son need help!!!

  17. I would like more information on this camp.

  18. If at all possible I would like more information on this camp.

  19. Any camps near Seattle, Wa?

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