Media Coverage of Teen Missions International

Below are a few of many media stories covering Teen Missions and it’s worldwide ministries.


The Lord’s Boot Camp | CBS 48 Hours

Teen Missions was featured in this 48 Hours episode of CBS on April 12, 2008.

Missions Boot Camp | Christianity Today

An article was written on Teen Missions in a Feb 15, 2008 issue of Christianity Today.

100 Huntley St (Canadian) Interviews Robert M Bland

Teen Missions Int’l founder Robert M. Bland is interviewed on this Crossroads Christian Communications Program (May, 2012)

Our Ministry Partners

Youth Evangelism Association (YEA) Each YEA affiliate is locally governed, with the right to develop programs of evangelism as God directs, holding high standards of Christian separation, Bible teaching and victorious Christian life-styles. Local churches and interdenominational ministries to teenagers affiliated with YEA use a variety of ideas and methods in a constant endeavor to reach teenagers effectively.


Telling the Truth Ministries TTTTTT (Telling the TRUTH) Christian Youth Ministries serves to communicate Christianity to and through teenagers … to win them to Christ and train them for Christ … teaching them how to share their faith through their local churches, on their campuses, throughout their communities, and into their world, wherever God leads them in their future.


Stones and Bones Claws & Jaws - Paul VeitDeclaring God’s Wonders, is sponsored by the Rev. Paul E. Veit often referred to as the “Dino Pastor” and discloses the truth about our existence based on the study of our past; specifically, DINOSAUR and other fossil remains. Through the study of our past it has been proven that we have NOT evolved from the “primordial pond scum” we have been led to believe, but were created by God’s Holy hand as described in the Biblical Book of Genesis.


Good News Coloring Book | A Gospel tract for ChildrenThe Good News Coloring Book (GNCB) is a coloring book which uses only scripture verses, God’s Word, to tell the story of Jesus Christ. Key passages have been illustrated to appeal to children, and through children to their parents. Available for free download in many languages,  this “tract disguised as a coloring book” is perfect for missions, vacation bible schools (VBS), inner city ministry, teaching English (TESL) and much more!


Cowboy Lee's Cowboy MinistriesCowboy Lee’s Cowboy Ministries offers a powerful presentation of the gospel through a fun filled framework of the ‘Old Western Cowboy’.


Other Recommended Resources

Bible Study ToolsVisit the Bible Study Tools website to look up Bible verses and a vast array of study resources online.

God’s Story Project & Simply the Story (STS) Truly, over 80% of the world’s population can not or does not read! God’s Story and MORE are reaching these non-readers now though an amazing video and a biblical storytelling approach.

Devotionals – Hosted by RBC Ministries using “MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST”.

Teen Missions Big Top #1

Ever Wonder where we got our Big Top?

Miami Missionary Tent Company manufactures a heavy duty long lived vinyl tent, used as revival tents for Christian ministries, as well as pole tents for the rental industry for weddings, parties, special events, and circus tents.


  1. I went to Holland, team 8437. I was recently looking for a song to use in a school chapel that I know we sang at TMI. If only I could find my song book…do they still exist, and can I get a copy?

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