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Meet the Barbers

Richard and Gina Barber were married in 1976 and have four sons and five grandchildren. Always heavily involved at church, they felt a calling to full-time ministry when their oldest son, Joe, was still an infant. At a rally with their youth group, they felt God pulling them to totally surrender all to Him, even their little one. Since that time, life has never been the same.

Richard has been a contractor most of his adult life while serving as a pastor in several small churches. He and Gina have always been active in mission life, taking church groups on two-week short term trips to places like Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, New Mexico and New York. They served with Teen Missions in the 1980’s as full-time staff and their older sons, Joe and Josh, grew up thinking that the Teen Mission boot camp property was their personal playground. They had a great place to play! Richard and Gina’s younger sons, Jacob and Jon, grew up taking family “vacations” to various countries as the family led the short term groups. They have had the experiences that form a strong faith in seeing God’s hand at work in so many situations.

Once again the Lord placed a call on Richard and Gina’s hearts to return to full-time ministry. They looked into several mission organizations. While leading a short-term workgroup to Teen Missions they saw a need for additional staff. After much prayer, confirming God’s call and not their desire to return to the familiar. His answer was yes and here they are, ready to serve where needed. Currently, Richard is the Director of Teen Missions and Gina serves in Finance Dept.


  • Richard – June 25
  • Gina – March 20


  •  May 1

Missionary News

  • Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Spring 2019) May 10, 2019 Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Spring 2019) Dear Friends and Family, It has been a busy couple of months. In March, Richard made a trip to Malawi and Zambia. My doctor did not want me going to a malaria country so we contacted our son, Josh. Once again we saw God’s perfect timing. Josh recently retired from the Navy, was waiting for an interview and had the time to join Richard on his trip.  It was eye opening for both of them. They were able to be in ...
  • Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Winter 2019) February 15, 2019 Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Winter 2019) Dear Friends, Our last letter ended with a note that Richard had just been elected as President/Director of Teen Missions. This is a new role for Richard, but he has had the backing and support of a great Board and staff. Things are going well and everyone is working together to continue and grow this wonderful ministry that God has placed us in. As many of you have seen on the Teen Missions Facebook page, there will be some changes to ...
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  1. Hello Richard, my name is Natacha Peachey. I am a Coordinator of Impacto Mundial in Quito Ecuador. We are a non-profit Ecuadorian organization that movilized/train the ecuatotian church to reach the unreached areas of the world. I have your information from a very special friend called Jonathan Aucacama (Mijo). We have been working with him on his preparation for his future mission. He ask me to contact you to see if you can help us with a reference letter from you as a representative of Teen Missions International for his application with Impacto Mundial.
    I will look forward to hear back from you. Thank you so much!
    P.S: Mijo said to tell you that he miss you and hope to see you soon and get Peanut Butter from you.

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