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Meet the Bice Family


Les Bice grew up in a Christian home going to church every Sunday with his Mom, Dad, and brothers. He was saved at an early age, and thought everything was OK. His Dad passed away when he was 5, and Mom raised the three boys by herself. He went off to the Air Force, and church seemed to be a thing that no one really cared about. After the Air Force, he went to work for the phone company and met his first wife. They had three boys. Sometime later when the oldest was 6, she found out she had cancer. She passed away a year later, and he had to raise the boys by himself. At that time, they were going to a small church near Liberty Center Ohio, called Shiloh Christian Union. During this time he was very involved with church. He taught several Sunday School classes, and worked with the youth through quizzing, and the AWANA program. He went to several church camps with the kids, and also to the General Council meetings. At one of those council meetings, he heard a speaker talk about his group that sent teens to the missions field. His oldest son Matt, went on three Teen Missions teams and his youngest, Mark went on one team.

Some time later he met Cathy. She had two kids, Arielle and Richie. She was saved in the 8th grade in a Pentecostal Church. She went to church with her family at Christ Episcopal. Both Arielle and Richie have been on Teen Missions teams.

Les had wanted to work with teens since his retirement. At that time, we didn’t really know about going on missions trips, we thought that might be too big of a step. Cathy had to quit work due to a problem her knees and feet, after a bad fall on the ice. And since Teen Missions was in Florida, no ice. It was decided to go to Florida for Leader Training and First Step classes. We talked it over and prayed about it. We then felt, that this, is where the Lord was leading us all this time. Currently Les serves in the Video Dept. and Cathy is in Finance. 


For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:11,13

  • Les – August 23
  • Cathy – December 29
  • Arielle – November 21
  • Richie – January 29


  • March 5, 2004

Missionary News

  • Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Winter 2016) February 22, 2016 Dear Family and Friends,Do you know the saying “time flies”? Well it really seems to. It seems like just yesterday, we were getting back from our summer trip to Indiana and here it is January 2016. Soon we will be getting ready for Boot Camp.Our summer was spent at the TTT Ministries in Evansville, Indiana. Their purpose is to reach all the teens in the TriState area around Evansville, and there are quite a few. The main purpose of our ...
  • Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Spring 2015) May 27, 2015 Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:It has been a very exciting and very interesting year. Cathy has been very busy in the Finance Department.  Teen Missions currently runs 32 bases overseas. As you can imagine with that many bases running, there is a huge amount of country finances that need to be audited.  So Cathy’s job of auditing these finances is never ending.  I have been kept busy in the Video Department preparing the sound ...
  • Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Winter 2015) February 20, 2015 Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: It has been a very exciting and very interesting year. Cathy has been very busy in the Finance Department and I in the Video Department. This last summer, we led a team of preteens to Indiana to assist TTT Ministries with their Summer Fair Share program. This was quite the trip. We knew the Fair Share Program was tough, but when you go to the county fairs to witness for Christ ...
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