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Meet our Founder & Director Bob Bland


Robert “Bob”  Bland is originally from Chillicothe, Ohio, and is the founder of Teen Missions International (together with co-founders Bernie Bland (now home with Jesus), Gayle (Widder Will), and Jim Person). Bob has been the director since the ministry began on May 7, 1970. Before starting Teen Missions, Bob was a pastor at Union Chapel Christian Union in Hennesey, Oklahoma and was a pastor at Mt. Joy in Otway, Ohio. Bob was also a union plumber and Director of Sciotoland Youth for Christ in Chillicothe, Ohio.


Bob and Bernie were married in 1949 and have two children. Their daughter Cathy is married to Randy Stringer, a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, and they have two children, Joshua & Catherine Noel. Their son Robin married a former staffer, Maxine Boyle and they have two children Joel Ray (deceased) and Tara. Robin retired from the Kennedy Space Center and Maxine is the manager of the Sonrise R.V. Parks on I-95 at Cocoa.

Together the Blands have faithfully carried out the vision of seeing young people serve the Lord around the world. Bob’s heart for AIDS orphans in Africa gave birth to two distinct ministries: AIDS Orphans and Street Children and Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. Both these organizations work directly with orphans in Africa by fulfilling their physical and spiritual needs.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Prayer Requests

  • Continued good health
  • Safety in travels
  • Wisdom in running Teen Missions and its ministries


  • Bob – December 8
  • Bernie – August 14


  • June 11, 1949

Missionary News

  • Bob Bland Newsletter (Spring 2018) May 11, 2018 JESUS AND BERNIE ARE COMING! May 12, 2016, my dear Bernie went to be with the Lord. She is there without pain awaiting the return of the Lord who is going to bring “those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him,” (Bernie included) I Thes. 4:14. I love her and miss her so much. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together WITH THEM. Wherefore comfort one another with those words. Jesus is coming and ...
  • Bob Bland Newsletter (Winter 2018) February 13, 2018 Dear Family and Friends,   The new year has begun with a bang—lots of activity at the overseas bases and the U.S.A.  Here at the Florida base, we have 10 volunteer men and women working a variety of jobs. Some ladies are sewing and have made the cloth tops for our covered wagon cars and both the men and ladies built the cow cars for the new Mustard Seed trains for Boot Camp.  The men are also helping with Boot Camp repair ...
  • Bob Bland Newsletter (Fall 2017) October 26, 2017 Dear Family and Friends,   It’s been a long uphill summer, but the Lord brought me through it all. I had three different sinus infections, next pneumonia with a hospital stay, followed by fluid on the lungs. I was trying to get through Boot Camp and the summer. The doctor said usually anyone in your condition is sent straight to the hospital, but he knew we had Boot Camp running, so he said to try some pills. After three days if it ...
  • Robert M Bland Newsletter (Spring 2017) May 12, 2017   The ministries of Teen Missions International, AIDS Orphans, Motorcycle Sunday School along with the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Schools continue to grow and produce much fruit. In sub-Saharan Africa, TMI has eight Matron’s Units which houses girls who travel to a village school that has grades above 5th grade. This is as far as school goes in many villages. If the girls go to another village with no money or place to live, they are often sexually abused and end ...
  • Bland, Bob Newsletter (Winter 2017) February 6, 2017 The Bland Diet Dear Family and Friends,           It's hard to believe that we are in a new year, but I welcome it and pray that it will be better than 2016. That's when the Lord took my precious Bernie home to heaven. I'm glad she is out of pain and misery, but I miss her so much. The Lord has encouraged me by His Word. In I Thes. 4:13,16,17, “If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, ...
  • Bernice Mae Bland September 28, 2016 At Home With the Lord August 14, 1930- May 12, 2016 Bernice M. Bland went to be with he Lord on May 12, 2016. Bernie, along with her husband Bob, led numerous groups of teenagers on work and evangelistic projects worldwide and made three trips around the world. She was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She ran the food warehouse for Teen Missions and taught cooking for teens traveling all over the world. She is survived by her husband Robert ...
  • Bland, Bob & Bernie Newsletter (Winter 2016) March 14, 2016 Dear Family and Friends,Please continue to pray for Bernie's health. She isn't a lot better, but isn't a lot worse. She wears out easily and has medications for the pain in her back and legs. She has been slowly mending from a heart attack a few months back; therefore, we haven't been leaving her home alone. The TMI board agreed to let me work at home in the mornings while Josh, our grandson who lives with us, sleeps. He works ...
  • Bland, Bob & Bernie Newsletter (Fall 2015) October 23, 2015 Dear Family and Friends,What a summer of blessings! The teams had a large number of people who received Christ as their Savior. The Indiana Fair Team at Evansville, Indiana with TTT Ministries had a tent at about a dozen county fairs and led 254 to Christ. Malawi recorded over 1,000 decisions from the TMI Malawi Boot Camp teams. TMI runs 25 Boot Camps around the world.First of June we moved to Boot Camp to run the Leaders' Seminar and the ...
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  1. Greetings and want to know if you have a training center in Ethiopia.

  2. Please how can i enroll am form Nigeria?


  4. Hello My name is Mike Mellone we are Day Spring Church of Port St. John. Currently we lease the building, however the owner has offered to sell the property to us, and has agreed to finance the purchase. We have only a small group of adults, but we have appx. 30 to 40 pre-teens each week coming to our service. Our main focus is children and youth who have no guidance. We are seeking $ 15,000.00 to finalize the purchase. We can secure the loan with a second mortgage. Would you be interested in investing in our ministry to youth? Perhaps you know of some one who could help us. Thank you.

    • Mike, Please call our office at 321-453-0350.

      • Hi…firstly praise God!!
        I would llike to greet each one of u in tnis mission work!! May God bless u all…
        I red the statement of faith which i believe very strongly and trying my best to practice it. I would love to visit ur Bible college and the ministry to be with u sometimes and help out as God leads . Keep me in prayer…May God open door …..i will be haplily reafy to serve there to contribute for this gennuine mimistry

        God bless …awaiting for ur reply…thank u

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