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Meet Kattie Curl

CURL  KAT 48308



Kattie is serving in the Finance Office at the Teen Missions Headquarters in Florida.





Missionary News

  • Kattie Curl Newsletter (Spring 2018) May 11, 2018 Greetings from hot, muggy, sunny Florida. Tents are going up and eating and camping sites are being cleared and it’s beginning to look like Boot Camp time around here.  So much has changed from the last newsletter I sent out to you guys. I guess the biggest change is my summer team has changed again! They ended up having to cancel the Kilimanjaro teams because the visas getting into the country cost way to much. So sadly, we did not have ...
  • Kattie Curl Newsletter (Winter 2018) February 2, 2018 Kattie Curl Newsletter (Winter 2018)Greetings Everyone! I hope everyone that is reading this had a wonderful holiday full of joy and creating great memories with family and friends.  As some of you know, when I went home for Christmas I still was not sure where I was going to be going this coming summer. I was told it was between two different places—Tanzania and Ethiopia. Well, after we returned from Christmas break, I found out where I would be going. This summer I will be going ...
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