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Ryan and Erin both experienced a call into missions early on in their childhood. Ryan participated in two international mission trips with Teen Missions Int’l (TMI) in his teenage years. Erin participated in three mission trips through her local church .

Ryan & Erin met in college and spent the first ten years of their marriage as “tent-makers” traveling throughout the United States, wherever Ryan’s job as a Civil Engineer would lead, ministering through the local churches in the various communities in which they would land.

During these 10 years of constant travel, Ryan and Erin cultivated a desire to work with teenagers and explored their respective calling to the mission field by leading teams with TMI to Greece in 2002 and Poland in 2003. After these two summer experiences the Fasts began a journey towards becoming full time missionaries with Teen Missions.

Currently Ryan and Erin live with their three children, Micah, Abigail and Ezekiel, in Portland, OR. They coordinate TMI promotional activities on the West Coast and lead teams of young people with Teen Missions around the world as they are “training tomorrow’s missionary today.”


  • Ryan – August 17
  • Erin – June 16
  • Micah – June 16
  • Abigail – October 24
  • Ezekiel – January 24


  • July 10, 1999

Missionary News

  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Winter 2017) February 16, 2017 Life in the Fast Lane                           Dear Friends & Family, Happy New Year! We trust that you are all doing well. We are excited to share with you about the ministry that the Lord allows us to participate in with Teen Missions Int’l (TMI). Student ConneXion: Mission Conference As Mission Mobilizers, we’ve employed a lot of different tactics over the years to recruit teenagers and preteens for TMI teams. This past November ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 9, 2016  Life in the Fast Lane Dear Friends & Family, What an amazing summer! The Fast family went our separate ways this summer on two different mission trips. Micah went on a Preteen mission trip with Teen Missions to Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada and Erin & I led a teen trip to China. Additionally during Boot Camp, Abby spent a week at Peanut Camp where she baked cookies for first responders and the elderly and shared the Gospel while delivering them. We ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Spring 2016) May 9, 2016 Dear Friends and Family,Just as springtime holds all kinds of potential, so the Fast family is in a season of anticipation. It seems like much of our lives is consumed with making plans for upcoming summer trips to China & Canada, but still so much else is going on! So we are excited to share with you this ministry update of all that the Lord has been doing.WINTER TRAVELSSince January, I (Ryan) have traveled more than 7,000 roadway miles, mostly ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Winter 2016) March 8, 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR!As you welcome in the New Year, we pray God’s fervent blessing over all of you. It is always amazing to me how each year goes by more quickly than its predecessor. Yet here we are, looking forward to another year of ministry and grateful to be able to share with you about what the Lord has done since last we wrote.FALL MINISTRYThe fall and early winter have been full of wonderful opportunities to share with folks about ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Fall 2015) October 28, 2015 Greetings Friends and Family!Once again we find ourselves back in the Pacific Northwest after a summer filled with seeking the presence of God, seeing His kingdom alive and working, and participating in ministry overseas. We can’t thank the Lord enough for providing safety while we traveled to and from S. Korea; and likewise how grateful we are to each of you for holding us up in your prayers and supporting us while on our mission trip. While it is always ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 1, 2015 Greetings Friends and Family,What an amazingly busy season this has been for the Fast Family! Between ministry and three very busy kids there is nothing slow about our family.Travels & Conferences over the last three months:January – March has seen non-stop travel for me (Ryan). I started the year with a trip down to Southern California to speak at schools and churches and then rushed back home to speak to students and help run the student component of the annual ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Winter 2015) February 10, 2015 Dear Friends and Family, We praise our God and Father and Savior Jesus Christ for all that they have done and will continue to do in each of our lives. This fall has been such a delightful season of ministry, and we are eager to share about it with each of you. West Coast Winter Jam Tour: On November 6th I (Ryan) officially joined the West Coast tour of the Winter Jam concert series. Over the course of 11 days we traveled to ...
  • Fast, Ryan & Erin Newsletter (Fall 2014) October 6, 2014 Dear Friends and Family, What an amazing summer we had in Mongolia and South Korea. As a family we are so grateful for each and every prayer and gift that made this summer a possibility for us. Now comes the challenging part: to try to condense a summer full of ministry into a few short paragraphs and call it a newsletter. But we will try! Mongolia & South Korea This summer we experienced our sixth full-length summer mission trip (and Ryan’s ninth) with ...
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