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Ryan and Erin both experienced a call into missions early on in their childhood. Ryan participated in two international mission trips with Teen Missions Int’l (TMI) in his teenage years. Erin participated in three mission trips through her local church.

Ryan & Erin met in college and spent the first ten years of their marriage as “tent-makers” traveling throughout the United States, wherever Ryan’s job as a Civil Engineer would lead, ministering through the local churches in the various communities in which they would land.

During these 10 years of constant travel, Ryan and Erin cultivated a desire to work with teenagers and explored their respective calling to the mission field by leading teams with TMI to Greece in 2002 and Poland in 2003. After these two summer experiences, the Fasts began a journey towards becoming full-time missionaries with Teen Missions.

Currently, Ryan and Erin live with their three children, Micah, Abigail, and Ezekiel, in Portland, OR. They coordinate TMI promotional activities on the West Coast and lead teams of young people with Teen Missions around the world as they are “training tomorrow’s missionary today.”


  • Ryan – August 17
  • Erin – June 16
  • Micah – June 16
  • Abigail – October 24
  • Ezekiel – January 24


  • July 10, 1999

Missionary News

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