Maher, Tom & Linda

Meet the Mahers

Tom (originally from Aurora, IL) and Linda (originally from Benton, PA) Maher came as singles to the staff of TMI in 1978. They were married November 22, 1980, and are blessed with four children: Tom, Kalah, Zach, and Daniel. They have added two daughter-In-laws and five grandchildren to the family.

Tom works in the Computer Department and spends his days writing software, taking care of all those little issues that come with computers —a.k.a being at the beck and call of staffers who shout, “Send the Geek Squad”.  He also is currently helping out in our Graphics Department. 

Linda divides her time serving in the Personnel Department, serving as the In-House Editor and teaching in the Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center. Together Tom and Linda coordinate the Teen Missions base in Cameroon, Africa. It was here that Tom was made a prince of the tribe of Nswonga. They have been serving as African Coordinators and travel each year to encourage and help our African staff.  Tom & Linda also serve on the governing board of Teen Missions.

Prayer Requests

  • That we would have a passion for our Lord, the Bible, and our ministry
  • That we would live obedient and victorious lives that would bear MUCH fruit
  • Good health and safety as we travel


  • Tom – June 6
  • Linda – August 5


  • November 22

Missionary News

  • Tom & Linda Maher Newsletter (Spring 2019) May 7, 2019 Tom & Linda Maher Newsletter (Spring 2019) Dear Friends, Greetings from Florida. This is one of my favorite times of the year for several reasons. First, it’s the celebration of Easter—the joy that is ours in loving, obeying and serving a Risen Savior, Jesus! It is the hope that a life grounded in Him brings and the assurance of knowing that one day, we will be reunited with loved ones who followed Him. (Can’t wait to see my daddy again)! Another thing I love about this time of ...
  • Tom & Linda Maher Newsletter (Winter 2019) February 15, 2019 Tom & Linda Maher Newsletter (Winter  2019) Dear Friends, Happy New Year! We trust you had a blessed time at Christmas with friends, family and loved ones. In 2018, our word of the year was ASSURANCE. 2018 brought many opportunities to cling to the ASSURANCE that God loves us and is in control. October was an unforgettable month as it brought many painful losses and changes, and quite honestly we are still in the healing process. It was especially difficult for me to loose my father. I am so ...
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Maher Mission Trip Photos