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Meet the Myers


myers-family-2015Who would have thought that Anthony and Shawna had to come to Florida from Pennsylvania and Ontario to meet! Shawna has been on the staff of Teen Missions since 1983, working both in the Canada and U.S. Offices. Anthony joined staff in 1991, and they were married a year later. They have three children: Brandon, Jessica, and Darin who have been blessed to be able to go on teams with them all over the world. What a great way to see how other people live and to appreciate what the Lord has blessed you with.

Anthony is the Print Shop Department Head. He also does electrical, air-conditioning, and other jobs as needed. Shawna is the Director’s secretary and works in International Operations. Together they serve on the Governing Board of Teen Missions. Brandon enjoys playing tennis, basketball, and football. He graduated from Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) with his AA Degree in December 2015 and Jessica graduates (also from EFSC) with her AA Degree in May 2017. Both are seeking what the Lord has for them next. Darin starts high school in the fall of 2017 and enjoys playing football and basketball. The Myers family enjoys playing and watching sports and playing games together.

Prayer Requests

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

I Corinthians 15:58

  • Gods direction for Brandon and Jessica
  • That we would be a blessing to those around us.
  • That our prayer partners and supporters would be blessed.
  • For safety in travel and wisdom leading teams.
  • Pray that we are sensitive to the Lord’s leading
  • Quality time in the Word and in prayer


  • Anthony – February 2
  • Shawna – November 23
  • Brandon – April 27
  • Jessica – September 27
  • Darin – September 25


  • March 28, 1992

Missionary News

  • Anthony & Shawna Myers Newsletter (Fall 2017) October 5, 2017 Dear Friends and Family,   Thanks for your prayers for us these past few months; we certainly could feel them! To tell you the truth, it feels like wehave been through a hurricane recently! Her name is Irma! We boarded up the house, packed up some things and put them in storage in the print shop at TMI. We stayed with a couple of other families at the TMI office. It was windy and rainy like we have never seen, but we ...
  • Anthony & Shawna Myers Newsletter (Spring 2017) May 11, 2017 myers-family-2015 As I sit at the beach watching the waves hit the shore with great intensity, Anthony and Darin are out doing some fishing while Brandon and Jessie are sleeping in. We have had a wonderful few days getting away as a family this Easter weekend, relaxing before we hit the ground running this summer for our 24/7 involvement with the summer teams. It will start on June 10 when Anthony and I oversee the Peanut program (ages 6-9). They will ...
  • Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Winter 2017) February 16, 2017 Myers' Moments                           "Lord, keep me from seeing my days as something I own, but rather as a gift that comes from You.” Guideposts As we look over the past year, we are so thankful for the Lord's blessings and protection over our family as we were scattered in different directions during the past 12 months! A lot has happened since we last wrote in September, so let us update you ...
  • Myers Anthony & Shawna Newsletter ( Fall 2016) November 9, 2016 Myers Moments Many of you know that Bernie Bland, our Director’s wife, went home to be with the Lord on May 12. She had a stroke two weeks before and was pretty much bedridden after that. Some of the staff had the privilege of sitting by her side and feeding her as she needed 24 hour care. Bernie was a very special part of our family. She watched Brandon for a while, when Shawna went back to work after he was ...
  • Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Spring 2016) May 16, 2016 Greetings!What a busy time we have had over the past few months. Our house has had a revolving door with family and friends visiting, but it has been such a blessing to be able to share what the Lord is doing in our lives and through the ministry of Teen Missions.Anthony’s parents were able to come down for a week in March. The day after they left, Shawna’s twin brother, Stephen, and his wife Gloria, as well as Shawna’s niece ...
  • Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Winter 2016) March 10, 2016 Dear Friends and Family,Time…What is time? Where does the time go? Why do we feel like we can’t get everything done in the time we have? Well, maybe we’re trying to pack too much into the little time we have. The question is “Are we using our time wisely?” Would God approve of how we are spending the precious time He gives us? Remember He can take that time away whenever He wants to. Is there something you know God ...
  • Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Fall 2015) October 30, 2015 Dear Family and Friends,Now that we are back home from the summer and had a few weeks off, we have had time to reflect on all the exciting things the Lord did in the past few months! Team members and leaders arrived during the first week of June for Early Boot Camp. Everything went well and our team arrived on June 20. We had 19 team members, four leaders and Darin on the team. Boot Camp was hectic as usual, ...
  • Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 4, 2015 Dear Friends and Family,Isn’t it wonderful that we serve a LIVING Savior! He is the only deity that did not stay in the grave! We were thankful to have the whole family together for Easter. With the way our schedules have been lately, our time together is precious. We were able to go to a friend’s beach house for a few days and relax before our busy summer.On April 9 we put up four of the five Big Tops in ...
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