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Steve (from Denver, Colorado) heard the Lord’s call to missions when he was just 12 years old and first served on a Teen Missions team to the Virgin Islands in 1979 when he was 15 . After graduating in 1984 from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, Steve joined Teen Missions and served that first year as an assistant coordinator at the Brazil overseas Boot Camp. Since then, Steve has served in overseas Boot Camps in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, the Philippines, Jordan, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Russia. Steve now serves at the TMI headquarters with video, computer, and website related development. He enjoys serving as an instructor at Florida Free BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center teaching Synthesis, Personal Evangelism & Revelation/Daniel.

Gay (from Shreveport, Louisiana) graduated from Louisiana State University in 1994 with a master’s degree in Education and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She was a popular Second-grade teacher who served three summers as a volunteer leader to South Africa, Hungary, and Malawi from 1990-1992. Never to be the same again, she worked to pay off her college debts and came on full-time staff in 1995.

Steve was known as the President of the “Bachelors to the Rapture”. But nothing is impossible with God, and after a bout in the hospital with malaria, Steve felt a peace from the Lord and he asked Gay to marry him (she said yes) while on a flight to the Philippines. The Petersens were married on Sept 2, 2000 and are blessed with two children–Timothy (who was born in November of 2001) and Faith (who was born in January 2005). Gay home-schools both children.

Gay serves as a weekend cook at the Teen Missions’ Retreat Center, proofs TMI publications, and teaches when time permits at Florida Free. During the summer months, Gay serves as the coordinator for the Peanut Kids Camp (7-9 year olds) and travels with Steve as a summer team leader.

During spare moments, Steve enjoys family outings, yard work, reading and anything to do with the computer.  Gay enjoys cutting coupons (save, save, save), cycling with the family, reading, cooking, nesting around the house and corresponding with friends and family.

Prayer Requests

  • For wisdom as we raise Timothy and Faith
  • That the anointing of the Holy Spirit would be present in our devotional life and in our ministry with US teens and national teens overseas
  • That our words and actions would be a salt and light bringing others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

Give thanks to the Lord Almighty, for the Lord is good; His love endures forever.

Jeremiah 33:11


  • Steve – April 19
  • Gay – July 17
  • Timothy – November 21
  • Faith – January 6


  • September 2, 2000

Missionary News

  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Winter 2017) February 16, 2017 The Petersens…In His Harvest Dear Family and Friends, We are so thankful for all of the faithful prayers and support that allow us the opportunity to work in God’s harvest around the world. While world news might seem chaotic, our God is sovereign and continues to empower His Church to boldly share the Good News to every nation. BOOT CAMPS AROUND THE WORLD We have Boot Camps continually running overseas in different countries every month of the year. Over the holidays we had Boot ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 9, 2016 The Petersens... IN His Harvest Dear Family & Friends, The Navajo Nation stretches over 350 miles across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. By land area, it would be the sixth largest state in the USA. As a sovereign nation, the Navajo have their own executive, legislative and judicial branches just like the federal government. They have their own police force and elections. During the late 1800s and into the 1900s there was a thrust of missionary work among the Navajo and many ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Spring 2016) May 18, 2016 Dear Family & Friends,MISS JOY TURNERGay’s mom (Grandma to our kids), Joy Turner went to be with Jesus on December 20. She’d been in declining health for some time and now has no more trouble breathing, hearing or moving around. She will be remembered for her loving care of her family, raising four awesome children (Steve’s words 🙂 and for never meeting a stranger. Gay always said her Mom’s middle name was ‘GO’ as she always wanted to be where ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Fall 2015) November 18, 2015 Dear Family and Friends,This year marked the 14th summer that Gay coordinated the Peanut Boot Camp. The 7-9 year ­olds learned, even at their young age, that they could serve the Lord. For First and Second Teen Boot Camps she taught the Phonics Classes (used for teaching English as a second language to younger kids). I again taught Advanced Evangelism, special well drilling training, ran sound in the Big Top and shared on some nights as an evening rally speaker. ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 3, 2015 Dear Family and Friends,It can be discouraging to see the moral decline in our country and the horrific devastation in global conflicts. Please know however that our God is indeed on the throne. Great doors for ministry are wide open. Hundreds of young people around the world at our Bible Schools are currently in training to enter the harvest fields and thousands  of teens are being sent out, with great effect on short term trips at our Boot Camps in ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Winter 2015) February 16, 2015 Dear Family and Friends, Praise the Lord for many changed lives over the past few months. I (Steve) went ‘on the road’ with the Winter Jam tour for the month of January. During devotions on the day I was to leave from Nashville on the bus, I’d asked the Lord for an opportunity to share the Gospel and then went about my day, not remembering my prayer. In the evening, I stopped to get some supper at a fast food restaurant ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Fall 2014) October 29, 2014 Dear Family and Friends,               TEAMS TRAINED, COMMISSIONED AND WENT TO 25 COUNTRIES THIS SUMMER Gay once more served as the Peanut Boot Camp Coordinator this summer. The 7-9 year-olds learned how, even at their young age, they could serve the Lord. Afterwards, she taught the teen phonics classes (used for teaching English as a second language to younger kids). I again taught Advanced Evangelism, special well drilling training (2nd Boot Camp), ran sound in the ...
  • Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Spring 2014) May 7, 2014 Dear Family and Friends, SUMMER PREPARATIONS IN FULL SWING The Big Tops have gone up and summer preparations are in full swing. Two life-sized replicas of the Old Testament Tabernacle are to be setup in May (one in Indianapolis, Indiana and one in Youngstown, Ohio). Each display presents the Gospel showing how Jesus Christ is represented in each part of the tabernacle design. I am scheduled to help on the crew headed to Indianapolis. Our staff have also begun our annual 40 ...
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