Sheehan, Kara


Kara is our one and only Australian representative on the Florida staff, originating from Gympie, Queensland. She is completing a one-year internship in Florida, after recently graduating from Australia BMW in Tewantin, Queensland. She enjoys the outdoors and doing all sorts of activities such as hiking and Geocaching. She also delights in lifting up a joyful noise to the Lord through the violin, ukulele, and voice. 

Kara has been involved with Teen Missions since 2013 when she went on her first team as a team member to Madagascar. The following year in 2014 she returned as an FTM member to do work in South Africa. Just a few weeks after returning home from this team she returned to the base to start BMW training in February 2015. The majority of work training that she acquired was in the office doing a range of duties, from graphics to finance and everything in between.  During her time in BMW, some major lessons she learned were endurance and obedience. 

Today she serves Teen Missions in the Finance Department. She is the primary auditor for the overseas bases finances, spending the majority of her days in the office adding up numbers. 


The LORD said to Abram: Go out from your land, your relatives, and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.  -Gen 12:1
  • Kara will continue to become acquainted with the American culture.
  • She will always serve God to the best of her ability and with all her might. 
  • She will be a blessing however the Lord wishes to use her. 

Birthday – 21 May