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Meet Christine Wald

Christine Wald was born and raised in Minnesota. She used to love the colder climate. During the winters she could be found out on the ski hill teaching lessons until it was 40 below, but she decided it was time to move to a warmer climate when she went to college. After receiving a degree in Graphic Design from Pensacola Christian College, she moved to Illinois for six months before returning to live in Pensacola, Florida. She’s had a variety of jobs including lifeguarding, working at a group home with mentally and physically disabled adults, being an emergency responder/security officer for Caterpillar and working at Kinko’s. She went on her first Teen Missions team as a team member to Holland. After college, she came back to Teen Missions as a volunteer on the Ecuador Adult Work team. Then, in the summer of 2001, she led her first team to India. Christine joined staff in January of 2002. She currently serves in the Graphics Department. 











Countries visited with Teen Missions:

  1. France                  6. Ecuador              11. Uganda                     16. Zambia                   21. England
  2. Belgium                7. India                   12. South Africa            17. Cambodia               22. Madagascar
  3.  Holland               8. Ethiopia             13. Malawi                      18. Malaysia                23. Philippines
  4. Germany              9. Tanzania            14. Mozambique           19. Suriname               24. Hong Kong
  5. Switzerland         10. Kenya                15. Guatemala               20. Canada                  25. Cameroon



Prayer Requests2

    • That I would look to God for every decision in my life
    • That I would honor God in my everyday priorities
    • Continued faithful prayer and financial supporters


    • December 23



I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.  

I Timothy 1:12



Missionary News

  • Christine Wald Newsletter (Fall 2017) October 16, 2017 Dear Friends, Family and Supporters, Amazing Summer in Florida! After 16 years of leading teams overseas every summer, I finally took a break. This summer I chose to stay home on summer staff. After being placed on the team to Zambia then pulled off, I was offered several other teams, but I decided to stay in Florida and help with the responsibilities of summer staff.  Boot Camp It was quite a different experience to be at Boot Camp without being a leader on a ...
  • Wald, Christine Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 9, 2016 Where's Wald? Dear Friends, Family and Supporters, Amazing Summer in Cameroon! We had 13 wonderful team members who were incredibly flexible and willing to adapt to our constantly changing schedule–it helped that they were all up for the adventure of living in Africa. Our team moved 10 times and spent 10 full days traveling on planes, buses and trucks. We slept in tents and learned to live without running water or electricity and we tried a variety of new and unusual foods. Cameroon is ...
  • Wald, Christine Newsletter (Fall 2015) November 18, 2015 Dear Friends, Family and Faithful Supporters,This summer I was in Uganda with 18 team members and two other leaders. Our time was split between work and evangelism. Our work project was at the Teen Missions base. We helped build the new dining hall for the Bible school students. The team started by tying steel, creating forms and pouring the ring beam. They also helped out with a lot of small projects like caring for the rabbits, grazing the goats, slashing ...
  • Wald, Christine Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 5, 2015 Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,So much is happening here at Teen Missions as summer rapidly approaches!Mud RunMany staff, including myself, spent the last few months preparing for the Mud Run which was on May 2nd. It was a huge project to get ready for our very first Mud Run. It is a 5K with 30 obstacles and all the money raised went to support AIDS orphans in Africa. I was tasked with creating and printing the start/finish line ...
  • Wald, Christine Newsletter (Fall 2014) December 16, 2014 Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members, What an amazing summer in the Philippines! My team of 13 incredible teenagers stayed at the Free Methodist Church in downtown Tacloban (where the most damage occurred during Typhoon Haiyan). We arrived eight months after the storm, and families are still living in tents along the beach, drinking bottled water and rebuilding their lives after the storm. The church was one of the few buildings that survived without damage. It was about a mile from ...
  • Wald, Christine Newsletter (Spring 2014) May 20, 2014 I know what you are going to ask, so many people have been asking...Where are you going this summer? Do you have a team yet? Considering that team members began signing up for this year’s teams last July and that many teams are now full and most of the leaders have all been placed, it is unusual for me not to have been assigned to a team until the middle of May. But the wait is over! I am excited to announce ...
  • Wald, Christine (Fall 2013) November 5, 2013     What a privilege to lead the Madagascar team this summer! Our team rode motorcycles into remote villages and ran daily Sunday schools.   Where we stayed: We stayed at the Teen Missions base in Mahajanga, a coastal town on the northwest side of Madagascar. We lived in a large building with five dorm rooms lining each side of the main room. Everyone had a bed, mattress and mosquito net. There were lots of mosquitoes in the evening and no screens on the windows. ...
  • Wald, Christine (Spring 2013) May 14, 2013 Wald 2013Dear Friends, Family & Former Team Members- Thank you! I just wanted to begin my newsletter by saying thank you to all my faithful prayer and financial supporters who allow me to serve the Lord here at Teen Missions. One of my favorite hymns is “God Will Take Care Of You”: Chorus: God will take care of you, through every day, o’er all the way; He will take care of you, God will take care of you. Verse: All you may need He ...
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