Anal, Elwin & Ellani


Meet the Anal’s



I am Elwin wango Anal, but people call me Bay Naung in Myanmar. I am from India-Myanmar border  village called  Ralruwng in Chandel district  Manipur, India.
I met JESUS when I was studying in the Bible Missionary & work training center at Teen Missions India, Andhra Pradesh in 2002. 
I join the Teen Missions staffs after my graduation in 2007 till 2011 in TMI  India base. I married Seltun Ellani Anal in January 20, 2013 after returning from Teen Missions India base and later in 2013 God has another plan for us to work in Myanmar so we started running the Lord’s Boot Camps in Myanmar through the international office, there God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter name Vantharii E. wango Anal.
We run 3 boot camps; one in Manipur, North East India the rest  in Yangon and Tamu, Myanmar.
  • Elwin – November 27
  • Ellani – May 15
  • Vantharii – March 28


  • January 20

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