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This year marks 45 years of living and working as a missionary for God.  He has been good.  I am living in my home country of New Zealand, working to bring the first Teen Missions Boot Camp to our country.
God’s call came when I was 12 years old.  After nursing training, Bible school in Tasmania, Australia, and SIL with Wycliffe I was on my way to Venezuela – single!  By the time my first furlough came five years later I had married a fellow-Kiwi husband, Robin had two little boys and was expecting a third baby.
For seventeen years we worked in literature distribution.  During those years we had four Teen Missions teams put up three buildings for us.  In 1980 we joined this mission and with four children, immigrated to Florida.  Fifteen busy and fruitful years followed until Robin became ill and we returned to live in New Zealand.  He passed away in 1998 and I have continued to try to fill a very big pair of shoes!


  • October 6

Missionary News

  • Little, Elizabeth Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 1, 2015 Little, Elizabeth Newsletter (Spring 2015)  Greetings to Friends in Christ! Easter has come and gone and Down-Under, we are slowly moving into winter. The glorious victory that the empty tomb depicts has been very apparent in many ways over these last few months in my small corner of the world here in New Zealand. May you know that victory in your own life too. Because I have not communicated with you for some months, let me go back a bit. Last summer’s Florida Boot Camps were a ...
  • Little, Elizabeth Newsletter (Winter 2014) March 25, 2014 Little, Elizabeth Newsletter (Winter 2014)Greetings to Friends in Christ! It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord! And I want to do just that, right now. Through thick and thin, long and short, black and white, ups and downs, my loving Heavenly Father is there, sustaining, guiding, providing for and protecting. THANK YOU LORD!  As I write this, our Australia Boot Camp teams are out on their projects – in Madagascar, Vanuatu, Germany, India and Cambodia, and I am visiting family in ...
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