Powell, Dave & Becca

Serving the Lord in Greece

Meet the Powells

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah 55:8-9

David developed a heart to serve the Lord in full time mission work at a young age.  After graduating high school in 1990, he went on his first short term mission trip through Teen Missions to Malawi, Africa.  In 1993 he was a team leader with TMI to Guatemala.

Becca committed her life to Christ at a young age, but recommitted her life to the Lord while attending her first TMI team in 1991.  She and David are both from Colorado Springs, CO and graduated from the same high school.

In 1991, David and Becca went on a Teen Missions team to Greece together.  In the fall of 1993 they were married.  Two days after the wedding, they traveled on a Grey Hound bus to Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  For eight non-consecutive years they served as independent missionaries.  In 1996 they led a TMI team to the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.  Following that summer, they volunteered with TMI at the BMW School in Honduras for one year.

Since 2002 they have been raising their three children, Sarah, Gabriela, and Caleb, in Colorado.  They returned to full time missions and joined staff with TMI in 2009.

They coordinated the TMI base in Belize, Central America for 1 1/2 years and then returned to the Florida base to serve at the headquarters. In July of 2012 they moved to Turin, Italy. In December of 2013 they relocated to Athens, Greece to work among refugee families and begin a Teen Missions Boot Camp for the refugee youth.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our children Gabriela and Caleb as they adapt to the culture.
  • Pray for our eldest daughter Sarah who is serving the Lord in Israel, for protection and wisdom.
  • Pray for wisdom and clear direction for God’s plan for Teen Missions in Greece.


  • David – October 12
  • Becca – July 5
  • Sarah – June 16
  • Gabriela – July 19
  • Caleb  – February 19


  • September 26, 1993

Missionary News

  • Overseas base update Malawi (Fall 2016) November 11, 2016 SONRISE PALMS MATRON'S UNIT in MALAWI We are doing a Bible study with the girls because some of them still do not know how to share with others about Christ. So we are encouraging them to love God, and walk with Him in every area of their lives. We are also doing the Bible study because some of the girls do not yet know Jesus as their personal Savior. We are hoping that through the study their hearts will be stirred, ...
  • Overseas Mission update Zambia (Fall 2016) November 11, 2016 CORNERSTONE MATRON'S UNIT in ZAMBIA On the 10th of July, we had a patient brought in by the name of Charity Mwanza and she had sores all over her body. The sores were infected, and it looked like it was fungal. I got an antiseptic soap and washed her, and then applied Calmospetine cream on the sores. We told her family to continue to bring her in for treatments. The girl is now doing very well, and there are only a ...
  • Smith, Loretta Newsletter ( Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 Smith’s Stats        Fall 2016 Greetings from Mongolia, where fall has started! The leaves are falling, jackets are needed, and I am finally reaching for that blanket at the end of my bed. Seems so weird for me, not sweating, no mosquitoes. Hey, I’m not complaining. That may come later when the cold hits. Not sure where I left off from my last letter, on a different computer so no record of the old letter. After many country changes as to where I ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 Shrocks on the Rocks Shrocks on the Rock Sept 2016 Many people ask us what we do as missionaries so we invite you to walk a week in our footsteps. Monday: Each weekday morning starts with chapel at 8 a.m. and we all take turns leading a song and sharing the Word. After getting the volunteer teacher at the taxi drop, we do a longer staff meeting over coffee and plan for the week and look at schedules. Then we are off to ...
  • Lette, Shanty Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 Shanty's Adventure Shanty’s News Job 8:7 “And though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase.” Dear Friends and Family, I am thanking God for His loving kindness. It’s been a wonderful year and God has been busy doing miracle after miracle in my life. A couple of months ago in January, I was doing Saturday outreach ministry with the South Africa Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW) students and we went to a place where the drunkards always ...
  • Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 News from Tia TIA'S NEWSLETTER Winter is gone—I'm gonna miss it. And this is the last winter I experienced here in South Africa. It's seems like I'm not ready yet for the summer. My heart is full of joy and thanksgiving to God for what He has done in my life since I dedicated myself to be His instrument for His glory, when I was a student. It was in 2006 and until now He took me to another place and ...
  • MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter ( Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 MacPherson's News Dear Friends and Family, I would like to make an apology for not sending out a newsletter before the summer. Nothing major kept me from it, just poor planning and maybe taking care of three little children. So, because I didn’t tell you sooner, I’d like to inform you of some changes that happened at the Teen Missions in Canada base. The Canadian base has been reduced to just the MacPherson family for now. Around April/May the couple that was ...
  • Likambo, Godwill & Natalia Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 10, 2016  Likambo Letters September Update: Likambo Letters Looking Ahead It’s no secret that the last few months have been a struggle. Despite being separated from my husband since May and continuing to be separated until early December, I am thankful that God allowed me to be in the US when my health issues struck. Thankfully, my stent has FINALLY been replaced, though it was more than overdue. Now that it’s been replaced, I feel a bit more active and can actually manage ...
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