Shrock, Jason & Karen

Serving the Lord with Teen Missions in South Africa


Meet the Shrocks

Jason grew up in Albion, Indiana, but has called Huntington, IN home for 16 years. He met his future wife while a student at Huntington University and was married shortly after graduation. He earned a degree in Recreation Management and has worked as a director of a retreat bus youth ministry, as well as spending 14 years working in a juvenile correctional facility. As a church youth leader and Sunday school teacher, his desire has been to teach youth about their role in world evangelism.

Karen is also an Indiana native and Huntington University graduate, where she also majored in Recreation Management. She has worked a variety of jobs including: camp director, special needs preschool teacher, naturalist, foster care and home daycare provider. She enjoys bird watching, guitar and reading. Her heart in ministry is discipling children and reaching out to AIDS Orphans and Muslims.

The Shrocks have two grown children. Jennifer is  a graduate of Grace College. She lives in Argentina and is a teacher at Buenos Aires International Christian Academy, a school for third culture kids. Brent lives in Indiana. He graduated from University of Northwestern Ohio with a degree in High-Performance Auto Mechanics; he hopes to build and race cars. He currently works for Crown Fork Lift Trucks.

Their two youngest are serving with them at TMI. Joy is  in second grade and loves gymnastics and music. Jolie is in kindergarten and enjoys dance and drama.

The Shrocks are currently serving as base coordinators at the Teen Missions base in South Africa.  They enjoy their work and are looking forward to seeing God do mighty works in South Africa.

Prayer Requests

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalms 46:10

  • Continued support & finances
  • Health for our family
  • Wisdom we teach and direct the South Africa base


  • Jason – December 25
  • Karen – November 11
  • Jennifer – June 21
  • Brent – September 14
  • Joy – September 28
  • Jolie – April 23


  • May 4, 1991

Missionary News

  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Winter 2017) February 10, 2017 Shrocks On The Rock How has your new year started? For us it was “Walking Like Jesus Walked.” During our Leader Training Seminar for our summer Boot Camp we used a book by Dann Spader called 4 Chair Discipling. We taught them to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do the same things as he did. We challenged the leaders and youth to see the world the way Jesus did and walk like Him. This year we had four teams with a ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2016) November 10, 2016 Shrocks on the Rocks Shrocks on the Rock Sept 2016 Many people ask us what we do as missionaries so we invite you to walk a week in our footsteps. Monday: Each weekday morning starts with chapel at 8 a.m. and we all take turns leading a song and sharing the Word. After getting the volunteer teacher at the taxi drop, we do a longer staff meeting over coffee and plan for the week and look at schedules. Then we are off to ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Spring 2016) May 19, 2016 In March we celebrate Human Rights in South Africa so we will start with some stories to stir your heart about the people we encounter and love through weekly ministry. Three days a week our staff and students reach out to the local children through MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission) even though they are riding bicycles now, not motorcycles. We had an Afrikaans(white) family move into one of our locations that is primarily black. The first few weeks went fine ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Winter 2016) March 10, 2016 Greetings Family and FriendsAs we looked at 2015 the word picture that came to mind was TAFFY PULLING! In the Midwest a favorite candy growing up was salt water taffy. Although we never made it at home, it was fun watching it being made. All the ingredients were put together and the tug of war began—pulling back and forth for a long time to get the desired texture and taste. Sometimes life in the ministry feels just like that so ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2015) October 13, 2015 Greetings Family and Friends,Ask, Seek and Knock! (Matthew 7:7) We have spent the last three years praying and seeking the Lord in providing a minibus for our ministry. The outreaches that we have are just too big for the pickup truck much of the time. While in my prayer time the Holy Spirit kept telling me to reevaluate the price of the bus. When I did the initial write up and quote, the exchange rate was 8.6 rands to the ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 3, 2015 Dumela Makhe (means “Hello Neighbor”),Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) moved to the bush! We have grown and changed our program. To reach the kids and provide an ongoing outreach we have built two small wood structures and placed them in the area that they will be teaching. They go out by bicycle and do their programs and stick around longer to ask questions and be available to the families if there is a need. The king originally granted us a ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Winter 2015) February 18, 2015 Greetings to all our friends and family! ”Because of Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28    Many people ask us how we do what we do. And sometimes we ask ourselves that too! But we know that the Lord is our source, our strength and our guide for every day and every decision to be made. He never lets us down and never ceases to amaze us as the ministry in South Africa continues to grow and ...
  • Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Fall 2014) October 17, 2014 Greetings to all our Friends and Family! There's an Ndebele quote from South Africa that says: “Inceba libabela umnikazi” translated it means “the one who feels the pain most is the one with the wound”. Wow! As we analyzed last term in Spiritual Life I about what Jesus did for us, this saying hit me (Karen) between the eyes. We have a Savior like no other world religion offers who suffered immensely and died a horrifying death for one reason—so that ...
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