Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho

Serving the Lord with Teen Missions in Zimbabwe


Meet the Sibandas


Claimet Sibanda became involved with Teen Missions through the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center in Zimbabwe.  He started BMW in 1992 and graduated two years later in 1994.  After finishing school he joined Teen Missions staff.  He helped with local outreach, planted churches, and other ministries.  After working with Teen Missions for several years he met his wife, Sipho.  They were married in 1998.  Soon after their marriage, they moved to Zambia to serve at the Teen Missions base there.  They helped with the annual Boot Camp, served in the AIDS Orphans ministry and worked with the BMW students.  In April 2003 they returned to Zimbabwe to coordinate the base and BMW.  Though they encountered struggles they testify that they have seen the hand of God at work in their lives.  Claimet and Sipho have two daughters, Hope and Delight.

Prayer Requests

Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.

Psalm 127:1

  • Wisdom and direction as we lead the base
  • Provision of food and other necessities
  • That we will be a light and help to those in our community
  • Peace and stability for our country


  • Claimet – April 13
  • Sipho – March 22
  • Hope – January 24, 2000
  • Delight – January 23, 2005


  • August 11, 1998

Missionary News

  • Claiment & Siphon Sibanda Newsletter (Winter 2018) February 16, 2018 Dear Fellow Believers In Christ,  Greetings from Zimbabwe to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Please allow us to share with you the faithfulness of God in our lives as we continue serving Him under the ministry of Teen Missions International in Zimbabwe. And may our great God be glorified. It has been 14 years and seven months now since we returned from Zambia to come and coordinate the base in Zimbabwe. The Lord has been faithful to sustain ...
  • Claimet & Sipho Sibanda Newsletter (Fall 2017) October 10, 2017 Dear Family and Friends, Hello from Zimbabwe. We hope and trust that everybody is doing well by God’s grace. This is Claimet and Sipho and the rest of the family. As a family, we are very excited to share with you what the Lord Jesus Christ has been doing in our lives and the ministry that He has called us to do. We are overseeing the work at the Zimbabwe base. There is a lot that we are learning as we ...
  • Claimet & Sipho Sibanda Newsletter (Spring 2017) May 16, 2017 Dear Friends and Family Members: We are so grateful with what the Lord is doing in our lives and in the lives of people, many many people, and that we have seen God transforming them. With this we want to thank those whom God has used to support us in different ways. We always see the hand of God working in our lives as we serve Him. We do Sunday schools in the community around the base with the ...
  • Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho Newsletter (Fall 2015) November 18, 2015 Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,So much is happening at Teen Missions in Zimbabwe. During our summer (December and January), we ran Boot Camp, which is a very powerful time of the Lord working and  transforming the lives of many kids. We have witnessed a lot in this program and our lives are also shaped as we ministered to the kids. It is a joy to see kids coming to the Lord with open hearts, receiving Christ as Lord ...
  • Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho Newsletter (Spring 2015) June 1, 2015 Greetings to all our Friends and Family!The wound pains the one who has the wound. We are so grateful for the work which was accomplished on the Cross of Calvary. Today even us who are not wealthy can be called a child of God.During our national Boot Camp, it was amazing to see young boys and girls getting helped coming out from Satanism. I was a leader on the Mutoko Team, whereas Sipho was a leader on the Mtshabezi Team. ...
  • Sibanda, Claimet and Sipho (Spring, 2010) May 19, 2010 "In Zimbabwe we stayed for two years without Boot Camp. But in 2009-2010 we managed to run an excellent Boot Camp where we saw many kids receiving Christ as their personal Savior."
  • Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho (Fall 2009) October 27, 2009 The Sibanda Story - Fall 2009 Greetings from Zimbabwe in the Almighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. How is the Lord blessing you? In Zimbabwe, He has continued to watch over us despite the cholera, swine flu, and outbreaks of other diseases. He has kept us strong, in good health, and provided for our needs. Brethren, we failed to have Boot Camp because of cholera this year, but we are praying that the Lord may have His own way by allowing us to ...
  • Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho (Spring 2008) May 15, 2009 Zimbabwe StaffThe Sibanda Story - Spring 2008 Hello from Zimbabwe Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city the watchman stays awake in vain.” 2008 was a year of dark clouds. The situation in Zimbabwe was not good at all, especially politically. Everything was paralyzed. We operated the Teen Missions base in a hard situation. People were living in fear for their lives, being threatened to be killed for no solid ...
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