Tan, Fernando & Genelie

Serving the Lord with Teen Missions in the Philippines


Meet the Tans

Fernando Tan went on his first Teen Missions team in 1990.  He loved the idea of Teen Missions and eagerly dedicated his summers to serving on more summer teams.   Two years later he met a young woman named Genelie and fell in love.  He told her that once they got married, he would still commit his summers to Teen Missions.  In 1999 staff from Teen Missions Florida came to run the annual Boot Camp and purchase land for a permanent Teen Missions base.  Fernando and Genelie assisted with choosing the property and, after much prayer, decided work with Teen Missions fulltime.  The Tans – as well as several other volunteers – helped build up the new Teen Missions property.  They had many challenging experiences, including sleeping in tents for five months until the first staff house was completed.  Over the years the base has grown and flourished and today they not only run a summer Boot Camp but they also coordinate a BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center and operate a flourishing retreat center. The Tan’s have three wonderful children: Reuel, Steph, n and Keziah.

Prayer Requests

  • BMW School: for more students and teachers
  • Wisdom in running the annual Boot Camp
  • BMW Interns
  • Finances for our children’s schooling


  • Fernando – June 12
  • Genelie – April 14
  • Reuel – October 12
  • Stephen – August 5
  • Keziah – August 30


  • June 15, 1992

Missionary News

  • Tan, Fernando & Genelie (Fall 2008) December 12, 2008Tan, Fernando & Genelie (Fall 2008)
    Tans’ Testament – Fall 2008 Dear Family, Friends, Former Team Members and Leaders, as well as my Co-Laborers, Greetings from the Philippines in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ! Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center We are now on our first term of 2008 and we have 15 students. Our instructors include one volunteer teacher and several Teen Missions staff members. On September 12, we celebrated the eighth anniversary of the school. We joined with Light and Life Bible College of Free ...
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