Nehemiah Trusses

I am sad that this was my last year of Peanuts. I really enjoy making new friends and learning Bible verses. Peanuts is different because you aren’t just told to memorize verses. Your leaders walk you through them so you

Australia Preteen

Work was one of the hardest struggles we went through in Australia. We sanded, painted, cleaned, set up tents, and laid 100 feet of concrete. We split up in groups to accomplish all the work. Everyday was a long


Do you ever wish you could just disappear completely off the face of the earth and just leave civilization behind? I do. This summer I had a calling to go to Madagascar to evangelize and share God’s love among the

Guatemala Orphanage

One night in Guatemala, our team was told were going to do an evangelism presentation in a church we had not been to. This would be our first presentation away from our work site and the orphanage. It was a

Philippines Children’s Ministry

After three weeks of construction, our team was excited for a week of children’s ministry. We had practiced the skits, the songs, and dramas at Boot Camp in Florida. We were ready and willing, but a little tired. As a

Malawi Well Drilling

This summer the Lord gave me the amazing opportunity to serve Him by going to Malawi to drill fresh water wells and share the Gospel with others. God has used and led our team in indescribable ways and has taught

Northern Ireland

One of the major reasons why I decided to spend my summer with Teen Missions was to share my belief with others that have the same passion. I have stayed in California all of my life and for the whole


I came into this trip really seeking God about what He wanted me to do after this summer. But in my own selfish mind, I wasn’t willing to give up my own dreams and wants. I prayed and prayed, “God,