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2016 Teen Missions International Missions Trips to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas or Pacific. Register Now!

Go on a missions trip this summer with Teen Missions International! Make a difference helping AIDS Orphans, distributing food, medical aid, or clothing. Some teams will use motorcyclesbackpacking, sports or work projects to reach people physically and spiritually. Mission trips will use evangelism tools such as drama, music, puppets, and testimonies to share the gospel. Register online today or call us at 321-453-0350. Below is a short description of our various short term missions trip programs for each age group. Click on the title for a list of trips available for each category.

Missions Trips for Teens

Teen trips are normally 6 — 8 weeks in length. They consist of three phases:

  • Boot Camp (preparing for your missions trip) — takes place on 265 acres of wooded land on Florida’s Space Coast. It provides the toughest, most complete short term mission trip training in the country. Missionary Training includes a timed obstacle course, Bible and evangelism training, music, drama and puppet classes as well as basic construction. Evening rallies in a Big Top tent consist of cheers, worship and missionary speakers. Unity, discipline and friendship is built as youth train, eat and camp as a team.
  • Project Phase (serving abroad with your team)—  involves the team project (consisting of work and evangelism). The daily schedule also includes personal daily devotions, daily memory verse, weekly classes and evening group devotions led by the team members.
  • Debrief — (preparing to return home) Teams return from their countries for debrief to exchange testimonies, compete in memory verse quizzing and receive classes that prepare each team member for the return home. The schedule is more relaxed and involves time for fun activities on the Florida Space Coast.

Missions Trips for Preteens

Preteen mission trips run for 4 — 5 weeks and consist of the same three phases as the teen trips (see above) with a modified schedule and curriculum adjusted to their age level. Preteen teams also travel abroad and perform a variety of work and evangelistic project assignments. Training for Preteens emphasizes responsibility, obedience and self-control.

Missions Kids Camps

Teen Missions also provides missions Boot Camps for Peanut Kids (ages 7-9) and Mustard Seed Kids (ages 4-6). These camps are shorter in length and involve the basics of salvation in Jesus Christ, a miniature Obstacle Course and fun activities that include an introduction to  missions through meeting real life missionaries and learning about other countries and cultures.

Missions trips for Adults

Adults may volunteer as leaders for the teen, preteen and kids trips in addition to shorter adult only trips that travel between January and March of each year. Adult trips run for approximately two weeks and most involve work with orphans at one of Teen Missions overseas bases in Africa.

tmi-logoDon’t Delay

There is still plenty of time to raise the financial and prayer support for your missions trip. Teen Missions will provide support letters and picture prayer cards to help you ‘get the word out’ to friends and family about your summer mission trip plans. Thousands of summer missionaries have seen God’s faithfulness and provision after taking that step of faith to register for a summer missions trip.

Phone: (321) 453-0350  Email: [email protected]

Mail: 885 East Hall Rd Merritt Island, Florida 32953



  1. Hi!
    I have a question, for exemple I want to do a mission trip for next year, I’ve been reading some comments and we don’t need to be really religious isn’t? Also, english isn’t my first language but I can deal with it (I just have an accent) ….is it okay? ( I speak fluent spanish and french)
    Thank you!

    1. Andrea, We are a Christian organization. We do not screen the team members (but do screen the leaders). All of what is taught has to do with Christianity. Every team is taught how to share the Gospel of Christ and all teams will do that while on their project sites. An accent would be fine.

  2. I am wondering if there is any way to know which teen teams still have spots left open. Is there a way to know which teams are full for girls so that we don’t spend time considering those teams?
    Thank you so much,

    1. Amberly, The following first Boot Camp teams are still open: Uganda, Kilimanjaro, Australia, Cambodia Motorcycle (must be 16 and have a license) and Panama. The following 2nd Boot Camp teams are still open: Myanmar Orphanage, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Mongolia/S. Korea, Philippines and South Africa.

  3. Be encouraged…as I had to remind myself many times last year when my 14 year
    old, Jake, went to Zambia, God has them in the palm of His hand! It was a great experience
    both spiritually and emotionally for him. I have no regrets. We are sending our 14 year old son
    Conor this year. So excited to see how The Lord works in his life.

  4. Would love to connect with any tender-hearted moms out there who might have a heart for us newbies. Allowing my daughter to go away for 7 weeks with people I’ve never even met is something that keeps popping up.

    1. My daughter went with TMI in 2008 to Africa. She was 14 at the time. It was one of the best experiences of her life. My son will be going to Ireland this summer with TMI. I know how hard it is, especially with such limited contact. Feel free to contact me via email w/ any specific questions you might have.

      1. we’d like to talk to folks that have actually gone on these trips to see if it is right for our family. Can someone reply back so we can ask some questions?

        Thank you,
        Dave and Shannon

          1. I am a two time FTM and my son is going this summer for the first time. I would be willing to talk to anyone about my experience and love of what is going on with TMI.

          2. Hello, I too am an FTM, but I went for 3 years! I have an 18 year old who when he was a pre teen went to South Africa. My 15 year old who when he was a pre teen went to Scicily and now this year is going to the Philippines. So anyone who would like to talk about their kids going I have a little experience with this and would love to talk with you about this. Have a blessed day!

    2. I was 15 years old when I went on my first team in 1984. It changed my life,spiritually and was a great experience overall for me. My oldest son went two years ago when he was 16 and my 15 year old is going to the Holy Land this year. He has never even flown in an airplane. I understand how it felt when my parents let me go. It takes faith on our part too, as moms, to let our kids go and follow God as He leads them. I would encourage you to pray that your child as the experience that God wants for them. Pray they will be open to growing spiritually and to recognizing areas in their life that they need to surrender/balance out as they learn to live out their faith. TMI is not necessarily an easy camp but our kids don’t need easy. God will give you the grace to let your child go. We parents, have been around enough to know that sometimes bad things happen. But in all things we must trust God’s goodness and loving kindness and He will never leave us, or our children. Choose faith over fear and anticipate great things to happen in the life of your child. Blessings to you, Kathy White

    1. Jennifer, We will never knowingly send your child into an unsafe environment. We monitor the situation closely and have switched teams even at the last moment (the day they flew).

  5. For those of you that would consider a mission, this post is for you. In 1985 I went on a building team to Kenya Africa. I was just 18 then but God’s call was real. I didn’t know how I was going to raise the funding when I started. I just knew God put a challenge before me and was I going to believe Him. When the time to came to have my fuding complete, I found I had met my funding goals with extra. God was faithful!!
    If you are called to go….GO
    I was never the same after that trip. God revealed Himself to me in amazing ways. I never had such joy in working. I was working and building for the kingdom. I had finally found something worthy of doing. My hands mattered, my feet mattered and I mattered. God in that trip proved to me He wants to use us. He is a relational God and wants to share His love to the world thru us. (His kids)

    Blessings to you

    1. Kyleigh, We do not screen the kids. You do not have to be religious to participate, but the point of the trip is to tell others about Christ and do a construction project for a Christian ministry.

  6. I’m not into the bible as much. I’m not able to remember things as well as others and I may have difficulties with that. But I’m very knowledgeable about the jest of it all, would I be able to make it?

  7. I read in the non discrimination clause that you don’t descriminate against physical disabilities. I am 16 and a bit over weight and i am afraid that I will struggle with bootcamp. The mission I want to go on is construction and child care so I will be okay with that but bootcamp is worrying me.. what should I do?

    1. Makayla, We have quite a few overweight teens who have successfully completed our program. Yes, Boot Camp will be tough, but it is for everyone. it is a time for you to learn to depend on the Lord to get you through. Please realize that the Obstacle Course is only a small part of your day.

        1. Michael, We have all been on Christmas vacation and will return to the office on Jan. 7. We will process all the registrations from the holidays at that time and will get the packets out as soon as possible. You can call our office on the 7th to make sure we received your registration.

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