Long Term Missionary Opportunities Worldwide

Teen Missions Operates 29 National Boot Camps & 24 Bible Schools in 21 countries!

Many people are familiar with the ministry of Teen Missions in the United States – the Lord’s Boot Camp and summer mission trips – but Teen Missions is more than a local short-term mission agency, it’s a growing mission organization that stretches around the globe.

Teen Missions worldwide ministry includes:

  • 30 worldwide bases on five continents.
  • 29 Boot Camps in 21 countries.
  • Over 52,000 overseas team members since 1982.
  • 24 active Bible, Missionary & Work with over 500 students worldwide.
  • A thriving orphan ministry including 31 Orphan Rescue Units and 6 Matrons Units.
  • An exciting motorcycle ministry made up of 20 circuits and 213 Sunday Schools in remote villages around the world.

Teen Missions has bases in the following countries:

Click a link below to go to that country’s page. 

Australia Honduras Malawi Tanzania
Cambodia India Myanmar Uganda
Cameroon Indonesia Philippines Zambia
Canada Madagascar South Africa Zimbabwe

What does Teen Missions do overseas?

Overseas Boot Camps


Overseas Boot Camps follow a program similar to the one in the United States. Each participant is placed on a team and receives Boot Camp training in construction, evangelism, Bible, teamwork and discipline. After Boot Camp, the teams embark to cities and villages in the surrounding areas. They do work projects such as building churches, renovating schools and helping the villagers on small projects. They also have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with the locals and in churches. In most countries the team members attend free—their cost is built into the team cost of the North American teams.

Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Centers

bible school

Most of the overseas bases operate a BMW Training Center – a tuition-free Bible school available for former team members. These schools combine Bible classes and practical work training, equipping young men and women for ministry in their own country, or wherever God may lead them. Click here for more information.      

Teen Missions Rescue Units

orphan rescue unit icon

 Each of our bases in Africa are involved in orphan ministry and have at least one Orphan Rescue Unit. These Units are set up in villages as a place where orphans and the other villagers can come for food assistance, medical care and other needs.

Teen Missions Motorcycle Circuits 


The bases are involved in teaching Sunday Schools, teaching phonics and training adults to become teachers.  Much of this work takes place in remote, hard to reach areas that are largely unreached with little to no gospel witness.    


  1. Good day, i quiet appreciates what you are doing in the lord’s vineyard. My name is Godsaves Shikle Dalokom. i am from Nigeria, presently serving in a mission Hospital as a chaplain. I have a seminary training background and also in conflict management. My wife is also a graduate nurse/midwife, we have four children; the oldest will be 8 years by May, 2019, the second will be 5 in April, third one will turn 4 in August and the last is 1 year this march. i am feeling a leading in my spirit to join any faithful christian international missionary organization. We don’t have any particular place in mind per se, but UK or Canada could be choice anyway. so if there is ant chances we can be glad to explore

  2. Good evening,
    Dear, I will be glad to receive a scholarship in order for me to study the word of God in the future to be a great missionary in my country preaching God’s word. Therefore I look forward to be in touch with you.

  3. I am looking for more information on your boot camps in other countries. We are living in Honduras and I would like to send my teenage sons to your boot camp here if possible. Could you give me a good contact number for that. It would be for next summer.

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