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History & Ministries


Teen Missions Australia is located on spacious property near Tewantin, Queensland on Australia’s Gold Coast. Brothers, Des and Roly Lennox, donated this 260-acre parcel of land in 1987. Teen Missions began running Boot Camps in Australia in 1988. Boot Camps for Australian and New Zealand teenagers continued to run through 2017. A new Boot Camp is scheduled to begin in New Zealand in December 2018. The Australia property is currently being used by Scripture Union for their various youth ministries in addition to Teen Missions office operations. 

The Land & People of Australia

Australia is a land full of contrasts: it is the largest island and the smallest continent; it has the most despairing red outback and luscious rain forests; it’s home to adorable koalas and deadly jellyfish. Positioned between the Indian and the South Pacific Oceans, it is roughly the size of the United States but boasts of only 21 million citizens. English is the official language but 19% speak aboriginal dialects.  Australia is divided into six states and three territories, including the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the home of the nation’s capital, Canberra. The majority of the population lives in the cities along the coast, but many also live in the outback, raising sheep and cattle.  Over the years there has been racial tension between the white Australians and the aboriginals.  Though much of it has been reconciled there is still tension between the people groups.

Latest News

  • Australian Boot Camp Celebrates the Nations January 29, 2015Australian Boot Camp Celebrates the Nations
    Australia Boot Camp Report For the week of Dec 13-Dec 21: The team members have arrived we had 23 leaders and 75 teens, for a total of 98. And Boot Camp is in full swing. The teens have arrived mostly by car this year. A small group flew in which made our job easier for pick-ups, only needing one bus. Then the rains greeted the teens coming off the bus from the airport. Our temps are in the low 80’s F (or 26 C) ...
  • Australia Base Report February 12, 2014Australia Base Report
    AUSTRALIA BOOT CAMP SUMMARY Madagascar Motorcycle team: This all girls team (one guy leader did join them last minute) was a multi task team. They dismantled and re-roofed one of the buildings, made trusses and bricks. Then they headed out on motorcycles to the remote part of the country visiting Aids Orphan Rescue Units and villages. Teaching and sharing and just loving on the kids, until the monsoon rains came and closed off the roads. The missionary and the students of the ...
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  1. My name is Binyam A. Mamo and I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I want to learn in your bible college. Do you have sponsorship? what can I do to be part of this BMW in Australia? can you please email me? God bless!!!

  2. Hi Friends here is very need Gospel , Through Your Team I Believe that God Will change People IN SOUTHINDIA .

    All Glory To God

    I’m Waiting For Your Kind Reply IN CHRIST JESUS

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