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History & Ministries

Teen Missions in Cambodia is located in the town of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, home of Angkor Wat. It is a small compound with a two-story building that is in the process of being built.  Each summer, the staff run a national Boot Camp in an alternative location, since the base is too small to hold Boot Camp. The first Boot Camp was run in 2004, and it has run every year since.  The base also runs a BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center.  

The Land & People of Cambodia

Cambodia, a primarily Buddhist nation, is nestled between Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. This small country has survived a brutal history, as it was caught in the conflicts of the Vietnam War and was also controlled by the Khmer Rouge.  Almost two million Cambodians were killed during this time.  Today, the majority of the 13 million citizens are farmers and many live in poverty.  Tourism is a major source of income, as people from all over the world come to visit Angkor Wat, home of the largest Buddhist temple.  The official languages of Cambodia are Khmer, French, and English and Phnom Penh is the capital city.

Latest News

  • Cambodia Testimony January 20, 2018  Khon Pay: a BMW student Since I was studying here, I saw my life has changed a lot from before because when I was in the house I didn’t read the Bible. But being here in the Bible school makes me know that to study the Bible is very important for my spiritual life with God. Also in here, God has taught me many wonderful things that I never had before,  like teaching the kids in the village, working in the ...
  • God changes life of BMW student January 5, 2018   From Chan Tep 21 years old, a BMW student: I’m studying in Teen Missions for 2 years as a BMW student. I really thank God for calling me to study here for more than a year now. I think I have received many changes in my life like in the knowledge of God more than before. I can now speak English language also. In terms of my attitude I think I have changed a lot too and the bad things ...
  • Life lessons from BMW January 4, 2018           From Peach Kul 24 years old, a BMW student: First of all, I thank God Almighty for calling  to study here as a BMW student. I’m very happy that God has given me the privilege to study once again. In my studying here I was facing many difficulties from the last five terms that I have been through and now it is my last term and still face many trials but  I’m still happy.  First I’m very tired of working in this ...
  • News And Pictures From Cambodia! July 24, 2017 Greetings from Cambodia!   Our team is finishing up our time here in Kampong Chnnang.  We had our last day of ministry today.  We presented at a nearby school.  There were probably 250 children there.  They were very responsive and did all the motions to the songs with us. The team had a great time with them.  BJ shared his testimony and Anna-Kate shared the Gospel through the colors of the Wordless Book ...
  • God Works in Amazing Ways December 16, 2014 See How Teen Missions is Impacting Other Ministries We just had a meeting of different ministries at our home and were pleased with the spirit of cooperation. Dr. Kim from Korea will be joining us to teach our students about first aid and basic medical methods as a result. He in turn met someone who will be helping him with a music ministry and we will be helping teach his medical students the Bible. Other good connections were made and it ...
  • Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Opens in Cambodia March 18, 2014 Children eagerly receive the gospel message Some of the kids are so excited to attend Sunday School. In one village  SreyMom and Nelly explained that in the future there would be an offering, but that it isn't required to pay because the money doesn't go to the teacher, but is for the Lord. When they gave a break so that the kids could go to the washroom or to drink water the kids ran home got money and came back so ...
  • Cambodia Base Report February 13, 2014 Yesterday was the first day of our MSSM training (we are planning for it to last two weeks) and it went very well. The Bible school students are also having two hours of training each week about how to be Sunday School teachers. We have been conducting "scouting trips" to determine where we should conduct the Sunday Schools. On our second scouting trip we went to a place called Kompong Kdei. The road is fine right now because it is dry season ...
  • Outreaches bearing fruit in Cambodia February 12, 2014 Cambodia Children's MinistryGospel Changing Lives in Cambodia—Asia 40+ Children Receive Christ at Children's Clubs Last Sunday at our Children’s Clubs we had 172 kids in attendance. Forty-one received Christ after the lesson about the birth of Jesus Christ. The children are learning to give to the Lord and gave 15400 Riel in offering ($3.67 US). When you think about it in dollars and cents it isn’t much, but in their lives it is sacrificial giving. We are preparing to have our Christmas celebrations on ...
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  1. Hi i am looking at sending 1 of my children on a mission camp. We have been 2 cambodia b4 n have help set up projects over near siem reap. But it was just by ourselves. We r now looking at taking a more Christ based project n camp. Could u please send me some more info about your camps, costs, any extras n any other programs u run. Thanks Ricky and cale.

    • Ricky, Please go to our website under “go” and all of the teams are listed with descriptions, costs, etc. If you have specific questions, please email us.

  2. sharon, Haley, Hanna searls

    The Searls Girls are praying for Cambodia today.

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