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History & Ministries

2013_Cameroon_Adult_34Teen Missions in Cameroon is located outside of Bamenda in the northwestern part of Cameroon. Tom and Linda Maher began the Teen Missions ministry in Cameroon after their summer team in 2002 and property was donated at that time. The Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center was also started in 2002. Four  AIDS Orphans Rescue Units have been established, reaching the needy and orphaned in remote areas.

The Land & People of Cameroon

Endless plains to the north, mountainous terrain in the center and tropical rain forests to the south: Cameroon is a geographically diverse country. Not only is the land diverse, the languages and cultures are as well. Though French and English are widely spoken, there are over 280 other languages and dialects spoken by about 500 ethnic groups. There are around 19 million people living in this West African country, of which 42% are younger than 15 years of age, with a life expectancy of 48 years. The religious structure of Cameroon is composed of 40% Indigenous beliefs, 40% Protestants and 20% Muslims. Cameroon is a combination of two former colonies – French Cameroun and British Cameroon – which merged in 1961 to form one republic. The capital city is Yaounde.

Latest News

  • Rescue Units in Cameroon are going well December 15, 2014 Greetings from Bamenda, Cameroon, the nation if our father land. We are so excited that all the distributions if school materials to all our four rescue units went well. Telling The Truth had a total number of 114 orphans of both primary and college children who received books and there was still some left over books for those that weren't around. Vitalis traveled to Ngie where the same exercise took place at the Lynn Harnage Unit. Christopher and Rachael coordinated the sharing and ...
  • Catching up with Cameroon December 18, 2013 Cameroon sunday school dec13We are full of a lot of surprises this time, still having heavy down fall of rain in December, a very first of it's kind that dry season has extend up till this time. Staff, students and interns are all doing fine this time as we look forward to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are doing painting on the new building both the inside and the outside, while some of the students are busy with clearing ...
  • Blessings and News from Cameroon October 29, 2013 Our student numbers has increased by four. Now we have a total of nine students. The roof of the new building is completed. Every Tuesday we have MSSM (Motorcycle Sunday School Missions) classes with the children in upper Ebanili, Cameroon. We heard from that village it was wonderful. The people of this village they are very happy with us. All this time we have been hearing the children are very happy with us. When the children hear the sound of ...
  • Cameroon is Making Good Progress October 24, 2011 Staff and Interns are working on the entrance road to our property, they are trying to fill it in and make it more manageable for our vehicles. We are also working on the roof of our main hall by fixing the leaks and preparing for the completion of the ceiling. While doing that we are also preparing to have a pineapple garden that is the amount of 140 pineapple plants. We have also begun work on the steps that lead ...
  • A great start to a new year February 28, 2011 Hello every one, accept new wishes from Cameroon Base. We thank God the year pass has been a very successful one,and we hope that the new just beginning will also be a success. Students and staffs all resumed for the new year well,thank God we all had a good begin of everything. We also resume work this time on the new building, working on the walls, building the safety tank and the soccer way. We are also working on the windows ...
  • Please intercede for children in Cameroon October 1, 2010 AOSC Rescue Units are making a difference for orphans in CameroonHeartbreaking needs remain as ministry continues among orphans in Cameroon.
  • Cameroon Calling May 12, 2010 "...we trust God for the crops to yield much product. Our goats and chickens are doing good, two of our female goats are pregnant."
  • Update From Cameroon January 14, 2010 CameroonWe are working on the garden, transplanting the vegetables from the nursery to the garden. We are also trying to plant some green spices for the school. Praise God, a lot of testimonies are coming from both our new students and some others. We received a phone call from one lady, who the students ministered to and her family during our last evangelism outreach. This lady and her husband really testified how she was touch by the message that the ...
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  1. I am a missionary from cameroon and an old and experienced french teacher.I would like to apply for a french teaching position in your school.Please feel free to contact me and may God bless you for replying.

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