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Originally located in Windsor, Ontario, Teen Missions in Canada is now located in Outlook, Saskatchewan.  It exists primarily to process Canadian support for staff and team members and promote Teen Missions.  When the office work is minimal the staff do extensive promotion of Teen Missions at mission conferences, churches, schools and other places.  In addition to the office, the Lord has blessed Teen Missions in Canada with a camp, Camp Outlook, “The Little Camp on the Prairie”, which will be used as a conference center among other things.

Canada, the northern neighbor to the United States, often brings to mind hockey, maple syrup, vast wilderness and Tim Horton’s Coffee.  In landmass, Canada is the second largest country in the world.  It also has the longest coastline, with borders along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans.  Canada has a population of over 33 million people living in the ten provinces and three territories. Over 80% of its people live in the large urban centers. Canada has the world’s highest rate of immigration with large, unevangelized cultural groups growing in the cities. English and French are the two official languages.  Canada’s capital is Ottawa.    

Latest News

  • What’s new with the MTC’S February 28, 2011What's new with the MTC'S
    We arrived in the Hamlet of Kingman, out in the middle of nowhere. We were met by Jolene Bowick, 96FTM and 2001-02 MTA, She was very glad to see the team and we haven’t got the smile off her face yet. The team met their host families and went with them to their houses. Wednesday the team started the day with a Bible study with the Salem Lutheran Church. The team did a shortened presentation and then we particitpated in th ...
  • The Missionaries to Canada have arrived! October 3, 2010The Missionaries to Canada have arrived!
    It has been at least five years since we have been able to run the Missionaries to America program. The Lord opened the door and visas have been granted from Canada for the team to be here for one year. We are hoping that they will be able to come down to the States at sometime during the year. The team arrived on the 9th of September. There are four guys and five girls from Indonesia and Korea. Canada is a ...
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  2. I’m just wondering, I signed up for the South Korea team for the summer of 2020. I went to Ecuador for the 2019 summer. Anyway I experienced boot camp in Florida, is there something that I should know about Canada’s boot camp?

  3. Can I please have the phone number for the Canadian Teen Missions office? We are considering sending our teen on a missions trip but as Canadians we realize we are likely needing the Canadian site and information. Also, I am wondering if typically a teen flies into Florida and is met by the Missions team, or if a parent is needed to fly in with them? Thank you.

    1. Justine, Canadians register on our website. The Canada office processes their donations and takes care of their visas (if needed), but the US office handles everything else. Most teens fly in by themselves, rarely does a parent fly in with them. We will meet them at the airport. If you are paying the extra fee for him/her to fly as an “unaccompanied minor”, then we will meet them at the gate. Many times, more than one person is on the flight.

  4. How can a Canadian pre teen go to a Orlando based boot camp then to foreign country? Are there issues with passports, visas, or homeland security for young Canadian kids travelling from I.e, Canada then to Orlando and then from there to say, Malawi? We were heavily involved with Teen Mania Global Expeditions and all our four kids went on trips. Now, since there are not trips with them, we want our grandchildren to start on their first mission trips.

    1. SueAnne, We have been having Canadians participate since our beginning. It is not a problem. The Canadian office will let you know what you will need for the border crossing. Yes, the Preteen will need a passport. Malawi visas are obtained upon arrival in the country. We will supply the documentation to return to us to expedite the Preteen going through Immigration in Malawi.

  5. Hello beloved Sister in our Lord Christ. I just want to know how i can join your precious team of Serving God diligently by doing a volunteer work. Because i believe we were created to Serve and worship him only. I am now living in United Arab Emirates but Originally from Uganda. I love God with passion regardless of what i am passing through or facing..
    So please i wanted to know how i can quickly join your team there in Florida. Thanks and God bless you immensely.

  6. Dear in Christ
    Greetings with Love. am encouraged with your good work i love to have you as my friend. you are in my prayers and am praying God to open all your Doors and ways to visit me here in Kenya.
    Father will not forget our work and labor of love which is done in His name for the building of His Kingdom, Amen, am willing to work under your ministry here in kenya
    Our father bless you us we are together in prayers..

    yours pastor oyaro Kenya.

  7. Hello,

    I’ve several years of mission work in various domains. In these last days I’m involved in child care particularly with child abuse (counseling).
    I’m interested in serving with your organization. Please, would you let me know the required conditions to join you, it can be there or here in Africa.

    Best regard,
    In Christ Jesus
    /TRAORE Kourouba

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