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History & Ministries of Ecuador Base

Teen Missions in Ecuador began in 1999. In 2017 we were able to purchase property near La Concordia which is centrally located, 3 hours from Quito and approximately 1 hour from Santo Domingo.  This gives us a very desirable  location for our base. The land is lush and beautiful, producing cocoa, pepper and bananas. Perfect for our BIBLE,MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center.

With this new location we are now able to run Boot Camp training for the Ecuadorian young people twice a year, in the Spring and in the Summer. During the rest of the year, the staff take care of the livestock, harvest crops, and minister to those in the surrounding communities.

The Land & People of Ecuador

Unique islands, steamy rain forests, rugged mountains and indigenous culture are all part of Ecuador, a small South American country. Ecuador is home to Cotopaxi, the world’s highest active volcano, and the unique Galapagos Islands.  Also, the Equator runs through the northern part of the country.  Most of the 13.2 million Ecuadorians live in or near big cities such as Quito (the capital) and Guayaquil.  These cities are marked by overpopulation, slums and impoverished living conditions as approximately 65% of Ecuadorians live below the poverty line.  Spanish and Quechua are two of the major languages spoken in Ecuador.  Roman Catholicism is by far the most-followed religion.

Latest News

  • Ecuador update April 18, 2018 Thank God we have finished the Missionary Training Camp. On the night of commissioning one team left immediately following the service to catch a bus to the property in Villamil Playas, The other team stayed at the base in La Concordia. Well, we were thinking for a moment to know where to start working because there were some projects started. We started by going to bring the wood to build the new bridge to go through with the truck and the ...
  • Ecuador teams see 83 first time decisions for Christ April 9, 2018 Greetings and blessings from the base of Teen Missions Ecuador-La Concordia.   Thank God we're fine. We have been doing a lot of work. We started boot camp with 2 teams, La Concordia and Playas. We were also blessed to have brother Richard and Gina Barber with the Lancaster Community Church group, They began the repair of the bridge, and laid the foundations of the new pavilion building. They worked with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the work. They were a ...
  • …they proposed in their heart to finish February 1, 2018   The project time was a very strong time for this small team. The first week of the project, the national team worked together with the  American team on the concrete floor foundation, but their project was to construct the wire fence on the Property of TMIE a total of 1000 mts. of wire fence. The most difficult thing for them was to work under a hugging sun.  Making holes in a very arid land, where they had to carry water ...
  • Events and Updates from Ecuador October 29, 2013 We started the new term, we have five students, three new ones and two old ones. We have been working most of the time on finishing the second floor of the Staff House, also cleaning around the property and doing general maintenance to the water heaters of the rooms, maintenance to the plumbing. We also have been doing the ministry with the kids on Wednesdays, the number of kids had come down because of the rain. Yes the rain has ...
  • Ecuador Boot Camp is a Great Success October 25, 2011 "The Chapel was packed for Commissioning and at least 50 parents were standing for all of the service; there was no seating space. 110 kids and leaders lit their candles and four of the teams packed their bus..."
  • Decisions for Christ high in the Andes! October 5, 2010 Boot Camp is in full swing here and all is going well. We have 18 leaders for 62 kids, so we left our 5 teams in place and all are busy training for their particlar projects. We saw 6 young people make their stand for Christ the second night. God continued working last night too, as kids got things right with God. We have two volunteer cooks who are working with lady leaders to feed the camp. Gina Amador ...
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