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The Land & People


Honduras is a small Central American nation of only 7 million people, with coastlines along the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Is is slightly larger than Tennessee. Its beautiful Mayan ruins attract many tourists but the wealth of the ancient empires is a stark contrast to the present poverty of Honduras.  Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere and has had many setbacks over the years, such as the devastating Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  Spanish is the official language and the majority of the population holds to Roman Catholic beliefs.  The capital of this small country is Tegucigalpa.

History & Ministries

Teen Missions in Honduras is located near the town of San Pedro Sula.  Each year the staff run a Boot Camp during the months of December and January.  They also operate a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center, as well as a retreat center.  The staff and students are actively involved in their community and have started a ministry at the local high school.  They also are also looking for ways to make the base self-sufficient through gardens, fish ponds, etc.  

Latest News

Meet the base coordinators Francisco & Kathy Chinas

  • Honduras BMW making ministry plans March 2, 2018 The Honduras  BMW (Bible Missionary and Work) students are making plans for weekend ministry.   One group will be in San Isidro on Sundays and work with the children from 2-4 and everyone in general from 4-6 pm. This past Saturday, as they walked down the street, one man invited them to his house. The man said that he had not accepted Christ because he smoked cigarettes. They told him that smoking is bad for his health and that it is better to serve the Lord.  The second ...
  • God Working in Honduras June 3, 2015 Overseas BMW Report from HondurasBuena Vista - When they arrived on Sunday, the pastor they are working with said that he wanted to have a morning of prayer for the community. So they walked around the community and prayed at four different locations.Casitas - They did evangelism and shared with several different people. But one event stood out. When they arrived at one home, a girl told them that she had just been reading the Bible, but that she had never accepted Jesus. ...
  • Students Sharing the Gospel May 16, 2015 Honduras Weekly Report We have had an interesting week. On Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment in Siguatepeque, 1 1/2 hours from here, and early Wednesday morning, we had an appointment to renew Abi's passport at the embassy in Tegucigalpa, 2 hours past that. So, instead of returning here on Tuesday, we continued on to Tegucigalpa and stayed the night at Chico's mother's house. Thanks to God, all went well, both at the doctor's and also with the passport. We came ...
  • Students Bring The Light May 9, 2015 Honduras Report:Progress of current work projects:Last week, we had from two to four students each day helping Kathy do the annual inventory. Six students have been alternating different days in digging—we are making two new needed septic tanks. Finally, three students have been alternating with the tents, checking each one to see if they are missing anything or need to be fixed, and then categorizing them. This week, we started with one group of seven students who are working in the coffee ...
  • Leader Seminar Impacts Leaders January 27, 2015 Boot Camp Report From Honduras                             For the week of December 15th to 19th, 2014 we are doing our Leader Seminar program. Praise the Lord, we were able to finish putting up the entire Obstacle Course this year! We also held all of the Leader Seminar classes. We had 20 leaders that came to the Leader Seminar. We did not have any decision for Christ this Boot Camp. For ...
  • Students Share the True Gospel December 18, 2014 Ministries: All of the work here over the past two weeks has been in the coffee with few exceptions. The students have been weeding, cutting branches overhead (because coffee must have shade - but not too much), and picking coffee beans. We have been selling what we've been picking, but right now, it is just so that the few ripe berries there don't go to waste. The major crop we are expecting should be around December. Other than the coffee, Chico's ...
  • Ministry in Honduras December 15, 2014   Students Share the True Gospel Saturday morning, August 23rd, the students had the opportunity to go to a school in Santa Cruz, where they gave a presentation that shared the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It was a family event, so there were school kids with parents and older siblings . The students used puppets, a skit, and clowns, besides a message that was given addressing the issue of youth delinquency. Praise the Lord for that wonderful ...
  • Honduras Happenings — Jan 2014 January 21, 2014 The Honduras Teen Missions Boot Camp was completed on January 9 and the teams are now on the field. We have 12 leaders and 54 team members on four teams. All of the training classes were finished and each team had one work day. Prayer time was held throughout the day by team members from different teams each hour. Offering was taken and team pictures were taken on Sunday as well as the Graduation and Commissioning service of the BMW students. We had ...
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  1. soy el fruto del entrenamiento ministerial,del cual me siento( orgulloso)y me ha servido para enfrentar toda adversiadad que se encuentra en la obra

  2. team honduras 8944 alumni my address 110 Whispering pines blvd. pinconning mich 48650 U.S.A Is Marcos still around?

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