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History & Ministries of India Base

Teen Missions in India first began in the late 1980’s.  Today they run annual Boot Camps for Indian youth at several locations, including the isolated area of Nagaland.  They also run a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center in Vijayawada.   The staff and students are heavily involved with evangelism and outreach in their community.  




The Land & People of India

Home to the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, India is an exotic, exciting country.  The geographical diversity is evident, from the towering Himalayan mountain range in the north to the dry desert in the west and monsoon-soaked lands in the east. 

With almost 17 million people added each year, India is the second most populous country in the world, and is the fastest growing.  Of the one billion people, the majority live in the Ganges plain, where New Delhi, the capital city, is located.  The languages and religions of India are as colorful and diverse as the landscape.  There are 16 official languages in India, including Hindi and English.  Hinduism is by far the most popular religion, holding 80% of the population, but India also has one of the largest Muslim populations.  Christianity also has had a large influence in India for centuries.   William Carey, often commemorated as the father of modern missions, was one of the first missionaries to India.

Latest News

Sudhakar & Hemeletha Palipaka

Meet India base coordinators Sudhakar & Hemeletha Palipaka (click on photo for more info…)

  • Report From Manipur, India Boot Camp January 27, 2016 The Teams Are on Their WayThere are 72 team members and leaders this year at Boot Camp. They are split into three teams. Boot Camp is over and the teams have been commissioned. The three teams are on their way to the different locations for their project time. The "Chandel" team will make benches and desks for a children's home. The "Pallel Evangelsim" team is traveling around Thoubal District sharing the good news of salvation! The "Ralruwng Work" team will be helping ...
  • He Is Risen May 13, 2015 India ReportYours In Him,Rev. Pulipaka Sudhakar,Teen Missions In India.Matt 28:18-20-18 -And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and ...
  • Teams Witnessing To Unbelievers March 3, 2015 Oversea Boot Camp Field Report From Manipur  For the week of 21th–27th January 2014 we are doing projects. We had 12 leaders, 82 team members, and 4 teams. All the teams reported good and they are enjoying the project so here are few lines about the teams during the project. We had 11 people make a decision for Christ during the project time and 52 decisions for Christ in the last week. Our goal for this upcoming week— we will be visiting ...
  • Students Graduate December 17, 2014 Graduation Service A Report of 9th Graduation Service of TMI (India) held on 10th July, 2014 – Reg. Greetings to you in the most holy, wonderful name and beautiful Savior of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I praise and give thanks to our all mighty God from the depths of my heart for the way He led us throughout the academic year 2012 - 2013 & 2013 - 2014 in sundry trails and temptations.  Indeed, I am very much glad to share about the Graduation Service of ...
  • India’s Guntur & Krishna EV’ Team Week 1 May 22, 2014 Editor's Note:  Enjoy a first-hand account of one our our national teams as they share the gospel in their own language and culture. These excerpts are from the team leader's report. Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, After commissioning our team  started travel from the base at 10:30pm and we arrived at  our destination around 2:10pm . The name of the place is called Mangalagiri hosted by brother Madhu. Due to the elections we could not go for the evangelism until ...
  • India Update December 19, 2013 We are planning to run the Manipur, India Teen Missions Boot Camp from 10 January onward. Please pray for us so that we get 92 people for the Boot Camp. I am also planning to fix the camp place and visit the Pastors who will host our teams during the project. We will be printing brochures soon.
  • Reaching Out to the Youth in India October 31, 2013 On October 2, the Metropolitan Mission conducted Youth fest at Metropolitan Mission church in Gunadala, India. About 800 youth attend with all of our students who were invited. On the 16th we had another organization conducted youth fest to this our students helped them to organize the meeting. More then 10,000 youth attended it was down in Lvola auditorium. These both fests were given physical help by our students.     Sundays schools and youth ministry is going on well. If you give ...
  • India Bible School is Growing November 8, 2011 Nine more students have joined the Teen Missions Bible, Missionary, Work Training School in India. They now have a total of 14 students with a few more to be expected soon. BMW students come from the National Boot Camp and have expressed a calling to full-time service. Evangelistic outreaches continue to bear fruit. To God be the glory!
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  1. I want to invite teen mission for missionary trips

  2. Dear sir,
    Greetings in Jesus name. Now we are involved church planting and in Leadership Development. Now We would like to work with TEEN. Please send a form, so that I can apply.
    With regards

  3. Pandit sumit Joshi

    Nice ministry
    I appreciate

    God bless this ministry

  4. Hi Beth,
    I called your california office yesterday and was given a number to contact your India base. I have two kids aged 15 and 13 and keen for them to join the India mission trip (since we are already based in India!) but I have no idea how to connect up. I tried to explain to the gentleman who spoke to me last night that it didnt make sense for the children to travel to the US and then come back to India ..but he didnt seem to get the point. is there a way for my children to join the India mission trip? How do I get further information.

    • Audrey, We do not have an office in California. Two of the most vital aspects of our ministry are Boot Camp and Debrief. Boot Camp is where the team bonds, learns the policies, attends classes, etc. We have several MKs and other nationals from overseas who attend our program here in the US, travel overseas on a trip, return to FL for Debrief and then return home. We had kids from N. Ireland, Vietnam, etc. last year. This year, we have three coming from Peru and a couple from Europe. We do run the same program in India and they would be more than welcome to attend the India Boot Camp. Please email our office for more information. ([email protected]).

      • thanks Beth. I was given the number of the pastor running the India program but there is no response from that number though I tried several times (8676259820) and was also provided a email contact for philippines [email protected]. No response from them either. I have also written to the email you provided ( and again no reponse. What do you advise?

  5. I want to join with teen mission in India with other people who like to WORK FOR LORD JESUS CHRIST

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