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The Land & People of Indonesia

Indonesia—an island nation officially called the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising  approximately 17,508 islands spanning over 3,200 miles of ocean. Mountainous terrain and dense rain forests cover the islands and some even have volcanoes! There are many exotic forms of wildlife that are only found in Indonesia, such as the giant Komodo dragon and the Javan rhinoceros. Indonesia has 33 provinces with over 240 million people and has the world’s largest Muslim population.

History & Ministries of Teen Missions in Indonesia

Teen Missions International has been registered since September 22, 1998 with the Department of Religion under the name of “Yayasan Misi Remaja International”. There is a Board of Directors of 9 members. The chairman is Pastor Dr. Arnold Abrahams located in Ambon. The head office is located in Tangerang about 25 KM west of Jakarta. There are presently 6 BMW training centers in Indonesia and 20 acres of land has been purchased for the 7th BMW to be located at the border of Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesian missionaries (BMW graduates) are presently serving in Cambodia, Canada, Malawi, Madagascar and Mongolia.The email address of Teen Missions in Indonesia is [email protected]

Tangerang BMW

Tangerang BMW is located in the province of Banten and was started in December 1999 with 15 students. In 2012 it had a student body of 50 students plus an additional 56 students enrolled in the B.Th. program. The campus consists of two commercial units, 3 stories high, and a staff house located behind the campus. The students conduct 88 Good News Clubs (in 2014) and serve in 29 churches during weekends. Email address is [email protected]

Wonogiri BMW

Wonogiri BMW located in the village of Ngadirojo in Central Java was officially started in December of 1999 with 39 students. There are presently 37  students (in 2014) and 5 staff members. The campus consists of a main building and a separate staff house. The students garden about 8 acres of land and grow trees for plywood, hardwood trees, corn, peanuts and vegetables. The students conduct 17 Good News Club and minister in 17 churches during weekends. Email address is [email protected]

Sosok BMW

Sosok BMW located in the town of Sosok, West Kalimantan started to function in April 2001 with 10 male students. These students built the first dorm and also a classroom. In the fall of the same year the student body consisted of 25 students both male and female. As of 2014 there are 39 students with 5 staff members. The students are growing palm oil trees on 15 acres of land and also

indo2grow lemon trees, coconuts and vegetables. The students raise 12 pigs and 14 goats, 2 ducks and 13 chickens. The students minister in 24 Good News Clubs and 24 churches for weekly outreach. Email address is [email protected]

Ambon BMW

Ambon BMW is located on the island of Ambon which is the capital of the Maluku province in East Indonesia. The school started to function in March 2004 with 29 students. There are 31 students in 2014 with 5 staff members. TMI also owns a junior high school close to the BMW with approximately 100 students. The students grow a variety of trees and vegetables on 15 acres of land. The students conduct 26 Good News Clubs and minister in 14 churches for missionary outreach. There has been much conflict between Christians and Moslems so this is an excellent location for a training base. Email address is [email protected]

Medan BMW

Medan BMW (Province of North Sumatra) actually started in the village of Aek Mompang near Sibolga, North Sumatra in 2001 with 31 students. The Campus moved to the village of Namomirik, Deli Serdang in 2006 and continued with 42 students. There are 83 students in 2014 and 5 staff members. The students grow a variety of trees including cocoa trees, beetle nuts, coconuts, vegetables and also have several fish ponds. The students conduct 27 Good News Clubs and minister in 22 churches.

There are 15 goats and 9 pigs on campus. BMW Medan has launched a B.Th. program with 15 students enrolled. All are BMW graduates with a diploma in Bible. Email address is [email protected]

 Papua BMW

The Papua BMW is located in the town of Nabire. Papua started to function in October 2009 with 12 students. There are 18 students as of 2014 with 2 staff members. The students are developing over 17 acres of land and have dug several large fish ponds producing lots of fish— this solves the flooding problem at the same time. The  students minister in 16 churches for outreach ministry and are running 40 Good News Clubs . These Good News Clubs are conducted under trees, on beaches, near a rivers etc. The school arranged for 85 Christmas parties for children with a total 2540 children from Muslim, Roman Catholic and Christian homes. Email address is [email protected]

Borneo BMW (under construction…)

There are two Circuit Rider members and one Intern assisting the Circuit Riders who is the leader of the Circuit Riding operations including the equipment. All the work has been done manually. There are only 2 people working on the building. Two people are working on the road and building. It is a slow process. They have completed 4 rooms in the main building. There are 8 toilets and 6 shower rooms. They plan to build a 1 meter wide path from the building below to the main building.

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  1. We invite cooperation to open a teen mission school in Indonesia. We provide a place, there are 200 students every year, the location of the boot camp, campus, dormitory, school, church and place of field practice. please take it seriously. 2 months have not been answered.

  2. am amissionary with have burden for thge unreached world wide i have passion for for the lost souls.i have been saving in my local church communities,different societies with different culture.nationally and even other countries like south sudan,uganda,tazania,burundi,rwanda etc am asingle parent with grown up children who have finished university and with some jobs to stand indepedent. i feel deep in my heart the call to full time ministry as missionary paid to any nation of Asia,i am amature christian able to minister across board meaning youths,women,entire church.sunday school in my ministry life i and experience i have served effectly in all this areas at one given time .greatwork may the lord almighty enlarge and expand his kindgom using you and us as vessel of honor for his own GLORY.

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