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 History & Ministries

Teen Missions in Madagascar has two locations, one in Mahajanga in northern Madagascar and the other in Vangaindrano, in southern Madagascar.  Both bases run an annual Boot Camp during the summer months, and both also run a thriving Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center.  The Mahajanga base runs a primary school for children who are too poor to attend the government schools.  The Nirina School has gained the attention and recognition of many politicians and humanitarian ministries in the Mahajanga area.

The Land & People

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] world’s fourth largest island is also a country – Madagascar.  Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, it boasts of pristine beaches, lush jungles and gorgeous mountains.  There are many plant and animal species that are found nowhere else but Madagascar.  The 20 million people of Madagascar are a beautiful, distinct people, drawing their exotic beauty from African and Malayo-Indonesian decent.  Due to French possession in the late 1800s, French is one of the major languages.  Malagasy, the national language, and English are also widely spoken.  Fifty-two percent of the population hold to indigenous beliefs, 41% are Christians and 7% practice Islam.  Sugar, coffee and vanilla are all major exports of Madagascar.

Latest News

Liva & Nomena Rakotomalala

Meet Madagascar base coordinators Liva & Nomena Rakotomalala (click on photo for more info)

  • Stories From Boot Camp December 17, 2014  God Is at Work in the Lives of People There were a lots of interesting things that I discover at the South Boot Camp. As we were doing registration a young man about 15 years old was there and he said he came with his wife on the team. So I asked where is his wife, and he said it was the young girl that just came in front of him. She is I think about 14 and I asked how long ...
  • Madagascar Ministry Continues March 12, 2014 Greetings from Madagascar, We have done with the Leader seminar last week. There are 17 new leaders. This is the very first time that we ever had enough people from the outside to be a leader. I actually prayed for a change this year, so here we are. The trouble we are having this year is that we had so many team members, we are having 29 people per team now so we have about 30 extra people that we have ...
  • Building goes up as the rain falls down February 24, 2014 This week is the first week of the term and we have 12 new students who have joined the BMW. We have total of 25 students, praise the LORD. The rain is now pouring for the past two weeks. It again flooded the property. The bridge at the school was under water, only the basketball court was not covered, but the good thing is that the water went down quickly. The water destroyed the path, made holes and carried away lot ...
  • Good News from Madagascar November 1, 2013 Last week was a busy week as it was the last week of preparation for the starting of the Nirina school here in Madagascar. We painted some chalk boards, cleaning and fixing toilet, fixing damaged doors, windows and benches. The other works were moving the library books as Nomena decided to have them up here instead of at the Nirina school and turning the library room into a  store. We are still at the dry season even the rain is ...
  • News From Madagascar January 12, 2010 Most of the staff and students here were on Christmas break and just came back yesterday. We stayed at the property during the Christmas break along with some students and the Indonesian girls. We had good time during Christmas and the first day of the new year. Each of us cooked his own food and then we put them together and had fun eating all kinds of different food. Earlier, before everyone was going to depart for the break, we ...
  • North Madagascar update May 13, 2009 We have noticed that those who are following the Weekly Bible study are growing in their interest on the words of God. They are growing in number as well. Some of them have personal problems and are asking for prayers, they are eager if they Bible study is going to continue. Some of the young ones are interesting in coming for Boot-Camp. Also there is one group that has started Bible Study at another village. As for the Kid’s ministry ...
  • Greetings from Madagascar! March 13, 2009 We are continuing reaching out Friday afternoon and Saturday. Last Friday we went to teach our families (staff and students into God’s word) , most of them were already professing Christian and had stopped going to church, now we thank God that they are willing to hear from the Lord again, we are hoping that they will join church soon. Today we had the Personal evangelism class, I had them went door to door doing evangelism as their mid-exam. Each students ...
  • Update from Madagascar January 21, 2009 We are now on the second week of the BMW term. The students are growing everyday spiritually as we study through the Bible and do all the classes. Most of them are having the desire to learn more things such as computers, driving , cooking, sewing. Some of these we can do, but some we cannot at the moment. We praise the Lord for the conference center, during holidays we had individuals and groups using them. We have students goes doing door ...
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