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 History & Ministries

Teen Missions in Madagascar has two locations, one in Mahajanga in northern Madagascar and the other in Vangaindrano, in southern Madagascar.  Both bases run an annual Boot Camp during the summer months, and both also run a thriving Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center.  The Mahajanga base runs a primary school for children who are too poor to attend the government schools. Nirina School has gained the attention and recognition of many politicians and humanitarian ministries in the Mahajanga area.

The Land & People

The world’s fourth largest island is also a country – Madagascar.  Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, it boasts of pristine beaches, lush jungles, and gorgeous mountains.  There are many plant and animal species that are found nowhere else but Madagascar.  The 25 million people of Madagascar are a beautiful, distinct people, drawing their exotic beauty from African and Malay-Indonesian decent.  Due to French possession in the late 1800s, French is one of the major languages.  Malagasy, the national language, and English are also widely spoken.  45% of the population are Christians and 38% are Roman Catholic, yet many still hold to indigenous beliefs.  Sugar, coffee, and vanilla are all major exports of Madagascar.

Latest News

Meet the base coordinators Live & Nomena Rakotomalala
  • The Lord Shapes Tina’s Life October 27, 2017 Madagascar – Vangandraino Tina was a girl from the south of Madagascar who attended Boot Camp at the south base and felt that BMW is good for her, so she came. However, she was transferred to the north base as she was the only female student. She is now on her second year here at North. She has such a willing heart to serve and to do whatever is asked. She came from a poor family but her family is ...
  • Stories From Boot Camp December 17, 2014 Stories From Boot Camp  God Is at Work in the Lives of People There were a lots of interesting things that I discover at the South Boot Camp. As we were doing registration a young man about 15 years old was there and he said he came with his wife on the team. So I asked where is his wife, and he said it was the young girl that just came in front of him. She is I think about 14 and I asked how long ...
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  1. Cheryl and Rodney Waters were stationed in Madagascar over two decades ago after leading my team back in the states. Do you have a way for me to reach them and to support them currently?

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