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History & Ministries of Teen Missions Malawi Base

Teen Missions in Malawi is located on 160 acres on the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi. Monkeys are a common sight and hippos are sometimes visible on the lake. The first Boot Camp was run in Malawi in 1988. The base, which was purchased in 1995, is home to three annual Boot Camps and a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center (which was founded in 1998). The base also hosts retreats to bring in extra income for its ministries. One of the most important ministries in Malawi is the ministry to the AIDS orphans. There are seven AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Malawi and two Matrons Units that provide a safe place to stay for young girls who are attending school. The TMI staff also run a Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Circuit, teaching Sunday schools at several Rescue Units and villages in the Dedza Region of the country.

The Land & People of Malawi — The Warm Heart of Africa

[dropcap]Malawi[/dropcap], a small land-locked country in southern Africa, is known as the “warm heart of Africa.” The people are very open and friendly, clearly living up to their motto. The landscape of Malawi is mountainous in parts and the beautiful Lake Malawi stretches along almost the entire length of the nation. Of the 13 million citizens, 900,000 are living with HIV/AIDS and life expectancy is only 43 years. There are up to 400,000 AIDS orphans. Around 80% of the population survives on less than $1 a day. The major source of income for Malawi is agriculture, especially tobacco. Though Christianity is widespread in Malawi, there are many who practice witchcraft or other tribal beliefs. There is also a large population of Muslims.

Latest News

Josiah & Bethany Frey

Meet base coordinators Josiah & Bethany Frey

  • Matron Unit Girls Return to Dorm February 24, 2017 From our base coordinator:  We got all the new mattresses! The girls are returning to Sonrise tomorrow. The bathroom level has gown down enough. We are still going to have a dump truck come from Salima and completely empty it so it will last longer.   The BMW students have worked hard on getting the place cleaned up and putting things back in order. We still have things to do and the unit still needs to be rebuilt but hopefully, a ...
  • Lives changed at Amy Wellman Orphan Rescue Unit February 14, 2017 Weekend Outreach Reaps Eternal Reward First of all I just wanted to honor God because of good journey that we had on friday on october 21 2016 from Chipoka base to Ntchen rescue unit. So we reached there in good time and we had game that we worn. After that we had worship and we received many kids from different families and because of that I am pleasing God Because our purpose was to ministering to them and we had deliverance ...
  • Flash Flood Hits Sonrise Palms Matron Unit in Malawi February 10, 2017 A flash flood hit in the middle of the night trapping the 62 girls at the Unit in their dormitories. The water was over 12 foot deep and they were unable to open the doors. The terrified girls crawled up into the rafters until help arrived. After multiple attempts the village men finally reached the Unit, broke the window, and then carried the girls on their shoulders to the waiting line of men who had formed a human chain. We ...
  • Overseas base update Malawi (Fall 2016) November 11, 2016 SONRISE PALMS MATRON'S UNIT in MALAWI We are doing a Bible study with the girls because some of them still do not know how to share with others about Christ. So we are encouraging them to love God, and walk with Him in every area of their lives. We are also doing the Bible study because some of the girls do not yet know Jesus as their personal Savior. We are hoping that through the study their hearts will be stirred, ...
  • Amazing Ministry in Malawi January 19, 2014 Here at Teen Missions in Malawi we did organize a sports ministry over the Christmas and New Year celebrations realizing that people here love to play different games. On Christmas day we went to Chikomwe school where our BMW students go to teach Sunday school classes every weekend. At this Sunday school we do have an average attendance of 50 people every Saturday. They learn Bible classes and literacy lessons. But December 25 was a very special day because our program was different from usual. We shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...
  • Malawi’s Messages December 28, 2013 STORIES FROM MALAWI AIDS ORPHAN RESCUE UNITS   BY:GANIZANI EDWARD FROM WELLMAN FAMILY ORPHAN RESCUE UNIT At our unit we have a girl named Funny Saidi. She is 13 years old. One day I asked her how the borehole at the unit has been helping her. This is what she said - before the borehole came she was struggling to find good water for drinking and she was walking a long distance almost 3 km from her home. The water was not really ...
  • Message from Malawi November 12, 2013 On Friday I (Seth) went to Wellman Family, Wadman Circuit and SIMS girls Ambassadors Motorcycle Sunday School Missions here in Malawi. I was blessed and encouraged by the work that they are all doing there. I hope I brought encouragement along with me to them. I also brought them medicine, clothes, Sunday school lessons and materials and prizes! When I got to Wellman Family and gave them a canteen of calomseptine the facilitators started applying it right away to some kids who were ...
  • Malawi Bible Schools are making remarkable progress November 13, 2011 Janet and Elicy reported a very big attendance of women who came for Bible study on Friday last week at Chikwatu village. They were almost 30 who attended Bible study. The week before last week there were only 5 who came to attend the Bible study and most of them came from the same family. The funny part is that most of these people when they came, they stood far away thinking that they were restricted from joining the ...
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  2. Here is Tanzania.i am Pastor John Bosco.the Leader of a christian group.on behalf of the Staff.taking this time to ask you to have an Office of your Ministry in my Church so that to serve in Tanzania.we need your Ministry.thanks.

  3. We would please desire to see your assistance in Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi


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