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History & Ministries at Mongolia Base

Teen Missions in Mongolia is a small operation with an office in Ulaanbaatar and a Boot Camp property in Jigjid.  Each year, staff from the United States and Australia travel to Mongolia to help the national staff member and volunteers run the Boot Camp during the months of July and August.

The Land & People of Mongolia

Mongolia is a large but little-known country positioned between China and Russia.  It is one of the highest countries in the world, with an average elevation of over 5,000 feet.  The ancient Mongol empire, the largest dynasty the world has seen, was founded in this area and Genghis Khan is still held in high regard as a symbol of strength and unity.  The population is around three million, many of which live a nomadic lifestyle raising livestock.  One-third of the population lives in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.  The major languages of Mongolia are Khalkha Mongol, Turkic, and Russian.  Tibetan Buddhism is the largest religion.

Latest News

Mongolia Team Members

  • Emery & Linda Aronson Newsletter (Spring 2018) April 25, 2018 Greetings, It is another spring.  Aiden had his 6th birthday and a party with cousins and friends. The party included trampoline jumping and things to climb  on, cake and presents. What else would a birthday boy wish for?  On Easter Sunday we attended church, then went to McDonalds and ate and watched the kids play.  After that we headed back to the house to color and hunt Easter eggs. The Mud Run is a couple weeks away on May 5, and then it ...
  • Ecuador update April 18, 2018 Thank God we have finished the Missionary Training Camp. On the night of commissioning one team left immediately following the service to catch a bus to the property in Villamil Playas, The other team stayed at the base in La Concordia. Well, we were thinking for a moment to know where to start working because there were some projects started. We started by going to bring the wood to build the new bridge to go through with the truck and the ...
  • Mansa, Zambia work complete-classes to begin April 18, 2018 Greetings all, The Mansa work crew which consists of the 10 students that are on property now. According to Oscar they are a fantastic group that works very hard. They have built a total of six buildings, the classroom, the girls dorm, the boys dorm, the toilet/ bathroom, the kitchen, and a chicken house. They are ready for class which will start next Monday (one week from today). This first picture shows the outside of the boys dorm. There are four dorm rooms plus ...
  • Russia base update April 11, 2018    This is our snow,  that came in March; it is falling and then thawing, then falling again;        At the office we have new curtains and even cover for the bookkeeping cabinet       This kind of flower blossoms once every three years; it opened up to greet our new student, on the one hand;  on the other - to    celebrate Easter! Glory to the Lord! This is one of our rabbits; it's early morning and she is ready for ...
  • Mansa BMW buildings near completion April 10, 2018 Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Just wanted to update you on the upcoming BMW. We have been working tirelessly this week, despite the rains disturbing us here and there, we have made some progress. At this time we have finished the class room completely just painting and putting the doors, glass pen remaining . We have completed the floor and by next week the class room will be ready. On the dormitories we ...
  • Ecuador teams see 83 first time decisions for Christ April 9, 2018 Greetings and blessings from the base of Teen Missions Ecuador-La Concordia.   Thank God we're fine. We have been doing a lot of work. We started boot camp with 2 teams, La Concordia and Playas. We were also blessed to have brother Richard and Gina Barber with the Lancaster Community Church group, They began the repair of the bridge, and laid the foundations of the new pavilion building. They worked with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the work. They were a ...
  • Preparing for Boot Camp in Philippines April 9, 2018 Greetings from the Philippines! The realization of having the Boot camp quickly approaching in just a month from now had kept us busy this week. We been contacting churches since last few weeks to finalize the list of youths interested and praise God we have almost completed the list. We are also starting to prepare the whole camp ground. We paid attention in repairing the cottages and preparing everything that we are to use during the camp. We are looking forward ...
  • Mansa BMW work continues April 4, 2018  Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus. He is risen. We continue to work on the upcoming Masnsa BMW. At the moment we are roofing the dorms and plastering the dorms. We have plastered one third of the building. We are putting the floor in the class room today as well as roofing. We plan to finish major works this week and start painting and finishing up everything. We value your continued prayers.  In Christ service, Oscar Chama
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