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History & Ministries at Mongolia Base

Teen Missions in Mongolia is a small operation with an office in Ulaanbaatar and a Boot Camp property in Jigjid.  Each year, staff from the United States and Australia travel to Mongolia to help the national staff member and volunteers run the Boot Camp during the months of July and August.

The Land & People of Mongolia

Mongolia is a large but little-known country positioned between China and Russia.  It is one of the highest countries in the world, with an average elevation of over 5,000 feet.  The ancient Mongol empire, the largest dynasty the world has seen, was founded in this area and Genghis Khan is still held in high regard as a symbol of strength and unity.  The population is around three million, many of which live a nomadic lifestyle raising livestock.  One-third of the population lives in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.  The major languages of Mongolia are Khalkha Mongol, Turkic, and Russian.  Tibetan Buddhism is the largest religion.

Latest News

Mongolia Team Members

  • A Last Report From Zambia! August 8, 2017 The past week has been a whirlwind of activity. The team has been traveling a lot. We went to see Victoria Falls, went on a river cruise, did a safari where we saw lions, cheetas and other big African cats.  The team had a lot of fun bartering for items from the local vendors. The team got many good deals and had fun while doing it. Parents be warned they are now good at bargaining ...
  • Honduras, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Zambia and Nepal Have Arrived! August 8, 2017 The above teams have arrived safely at Debrief. They begin classes this morning. If the teams were not able to make phone calls last night, they will call this afternoon or evening.
  • The Madagascar Team Is In Montreal! August 7, 2017 Madagascar team is doing well and in Montreal! We will be back in Florida tonight around 8! We are excited for Debrief and, of course, for heading home soon. We were sad to say goodbye to Tim and Liva in Madagascar, but excited for the work they will continue there! Thank you all for your prayers, and we're excited to see you all SOON!
  • Indiana Has Arrived! August 7, 2017 The Indiana team has arrived here safely. They are settling in and will start classes tomorrow.
  • The Mongolia, Navajo Boot Camp and Navajo Community Development Teams Have Arrived! August 7, 2017 The Mongolia, Navajo Boot Camp and Navajo Community Development teams all arrived last night. If they did not call the parents yesterday, they will call sometime today, so please answer any calls from the 321 area code. They are settling in today and classes begin tomorrow.
  • Wow! What A Report From The Navajo Community Development Team! August 6, 2017 We will arrive at Debrief tonight, after another delightful three-day bus ride.  Expect a phone call from your son or daughter tomorrow sometime.:)  I can not believe that this will be the final Navajo Community Development Team report I write.  This summer has been incredible.  Your children have made me laugh (A LOT) and cry and have left irreplaceable footprints on my heart.  In a few days we will walk away from this summer, taking with us lifetime friendships and ...
  • Honduras Team Last Report August 6, 2017 Well, on Monday, the team had their final work day to see if we could finish the concrete lid for the new septic tank. Everyone took turns working hard on that and other jobs the entire day. But no one worked as hard as Crystal and Kyrie - they stayed through their free time voluntarily! And...we did! We finished. The next day, Tuesday, was clean the buildings and pack up. We also celebrated JoAnna's birthday on the 1st, so that ...
  • Last Report From The Mongolia Team! August 5, 2017 The Mongolia team is off the ground and on their way back to Florida for Debrief via Istanbul. The last week has been very productive seeing us finish up our work at the Teen Challenge Men's shelter and then complete the painting of the playground structure and finish pouring a concrete pad for the driveway at the orphanage. Our time here in Mongolia has been entirely too short and saying goodbye to the orphans a couple of days ago was ...
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