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History & Ministries of Philippines Base

Teen Missions in the Philippines is located near the small town of Buena Vista, just outside Butuan City on the island of Mindanao.  It is a beautiful base, with gorgeous fruit trees, tropical scenery and a view of the nearby ocean.  The base operates an annual Boot Camp, a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center and a flourishing retreat center.  The staff and students are connected to many ministries in the area, and the students are also heavily involved in the community through church outreach and ministering to local youth.  The ministry of Teen Missions in the Philippines doesn’t just end when the students graduate or team members go home, many graduates of BMW and former team members have continued to be active in missions and are making a difference for Christ all over the Philippines.

The Land & People of the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country with pristine beaches, friendly people and delicious fruits.  This 7,000-island country lies just below Southeast Asia and is home to 90 million people. The islands of Luzon (home to the nation’s capital, Manila) and Mindanao comprise two-thirds of the landmass. Many Filipinos depend on the water for their source of income.  Fishing, as well as agriculture, is a major part of Filipino life.  The official languages are Filipino and English, plus eight other dialects.  Though the Philippines lies directly above Muslim Indonesia, around 94% practice Roman Catholicism or Christianity.

Fernando & Genelie Tan

Philippines base coordinators Fernando & Genelie Tan (click on photo for more info…)

Latest News

  • Mindanao, Philippines Boot Camp update May 27, 2018 There are twelve leaders and eighty-two team members making up four teams in Mindanao this year. There are  teams  working on a shelter for the BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center and repairing the fence surrounding the base property.  Other teams will do evangelism,  going going house to house will sponsor a Vacation Bible School for area children.  We have seen a total of one hundred eight-four decisions for Christ.  Praise the Lord. 
  • Philippines Boot Camp Update May 20, 2018 Bootcamp : Teen Missions Philippines Leaders-12 Members-84 Teams-4 Praise God! Boot camp is over. The teams did a very good presentations during our commissioning program. All campers lit their candles during Commissioning Service and were ready to be sent as a short time missionaries this summer. Early the next day, all teams traveled to their fields.  3)Decisions for Christ: In last week-41 Cumulative #78 Prayer needs: *Safety and protection for the campers in the field *Good health *Wisdom for Coordinators, staff and leaders
  • Philippines Boot Camp underway April 26, 2018 The latest report from the Philippines states that Boot Camp is under way and running smoothly.  Eighty-four team members and twelve leaders are making up four teams. The only obstacle they face is the daily heavy rain they receive each afternoon. They do ask that we pray for wisdom as classes are being taught, protection and safety for all those involved in Boot Camp, for good health and for less rain.
  • Preparing for Boot Camp in Philippines April 9, 2018 Greetings from the Philippines! The realization of having the Boot camp quickly approaching in just a month from now had kept us busy this week. We been contacting churches since last few weeks to finalize the list of youths interested and praise God we have almost completed the list. We are also starting to prepare the whole camp ground. We paid attention in repairing the cottages and preparing everything that we are to use during the camp. We are looking forward ...
  • Philippines: “BMW student Ericka is the only one Christian in her family” February 6, 2018 BMW (BIBLE,MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center)  student Ericka is the only one Christian in her family.  She accepted Christ as her Savior last summer at Boot Camp, she really thanks Teen Missions for what  God has done in her life during this time. She has decided to attend BMW to continue her commitment as a missionary.  At this time, though, her family  doesn't understand why Ericka studies to be missionary. But she keeps on praying to GOD for the right time.
  • From life of regret to happiness with the Lord January 4, 2018 The students had their final exams with the vigorous instructors. One teacher gave his final exam in Hermeneutics, through interpret the bible by Preaching. Fernando will critique the teacher and the students listened to what they preach.  Jimbo Cubillas, his life is full of regrets. The family, they are not Christians and parents no work, but the Lord is so  faithful in his life. He attended TMIP Boot Camp, for a change in his life. During bridging the gap he committed ...
  • 30 Receive Christ in Philippines October 27, 2017 Everyone is excited.  We are happy to have volunteer teacher's, it's a big help to have son Stephen & Keziah my daughter to help at TMI in the Philippines.  The students are eager to listen & apply what they taught them. The BMW students continue to have their School Ministry every Tuesday & Thursday.  They taught the students on how to love God & love people. From this ministry, 30 people received Christ as their Lord and Savior.   One student, Named Papias Cesar,  is so ...
  • BMW Report – 11 Children Gain Salvation October 3, 2016        The Philippines BMW Leads Children to Salvation The weather here has been quite rainy. This has caused the road to our base to need some attention. The BMW students were split into two groups and the one group worked hard and made many repairs to the road, while the other group worked on the landscaping of the property.          For ministry lately, the students have been divided into four groups and gone out to serve and ...
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  1. Dear TMI,
    Greetings from Palawan, my name is Pong former team leader at palawan boot camp.

    i been writing several times concerning opportunity with serving TMI. Its been years and i havent get any reply at all.

    I just want to know when will be the next BMW in the Philippines..

    I hoping to for your reply.

    Its me

  2. miss you guys,ms u kuya titi ug ate gen

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