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History & Ministries of Philippines Base

Teen Missions in the Philippines is located near the small town of Buena Vista, just outside Butuan City on the island of Mindanao.  It is a beautiful base, with gorgeous fruit trees, tropical scenery and a view of the nearby ocean.  The base operates an annual Boot Camp, a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center and a flourishing retreat center.  The staff and students are connected to many ministries in the area and the students are heavily involved in the community through church outreach and ministering to local youth.  The ministry of Teen Missions in the Philippines doesn’t just end when the students graduate or team members go IMG_5663 home, many graduates of BMW and former team members have continued to be active in missions and are making a difference for Christ all over the Philippines.

The Land & People of the Philippines

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] Philippines is a beautiful country with pristine beaches, friendly people and delicious fruits.  This 7,000-island country lies just below Southeast Asia and is home to 90 million people. The islands of Luzon (home to the nation’s capital, Manila) and Mindanao comprise two-thirds of the landmass. Many Filipinos depend on the water for their source of income.  Fishing, as well as agriculture, is a major part of Filipino life.  The official languages are Filipino and English, plus eight other dialects.  Though the Philippines lies directly above Muslim Indonesia, around 94% practice Roman Catholicism or Christianity.

Fernando & Genelie Tan

Philippines base coordinators Fernando & Genelie Tan (click on photo for more info…)

Latest News

  • BMW Report – 11 Children Gain Salvation October 3, 2016        The Philippines BMW Leads Children to Salvation The weather here has been quite rainy. This has caused the road to our base to need some attention. The BMW students were split into two groups and the one group worked hard and made many repairs to the road, while the other group worked on the landscaping of the property.          For ministry lately, the students have been divided into four groups and gone out to serve and ...
  • Christ Working at Philippines Boot Camp June 3, 2015 Great Work Being Done With The TeamsHello all from the Boot Camp in Philippines!All of the head lady leaders are getting all of the things that the team will be using for the field ready. We have had a great boot camp with no problems. We have only had two DQs this whole boot camp and all of the teams are doing very well on the obstacle course, all of the teams have unity and they are even cheering on ...
  • Students Graduate in the Philippines February 23, 2014 The students are excited for their upcoming graduation day. Eight students will be having their commissioning in May after Debrief, and five also who are going to March for their graduation. Three of the boys worked on the top of the mountain to haul the gravel for the bathroom at prayer  mountain, and the other half worked on the ditches and fixed the road. As of now we feel so sad because there are lots of termites that can destroy our ...
  • Philippine Relief Fund November 13, 2013 Teen Missions' base survived Typhoon Haiyan with only minor damages as reported by our coordinators Fernando and Genelie Tan. They are however currently investigating damages to friends, family and ministries located in the destruction zone on Leyte. Please prayerfully consider a donation to Teen Missions Philippine Relief Fund for the Philippines and for our plans to target aid to those affected by this tragedy from our base in nearby Mindanao. (Please note: For Philippines Relief)
  • Typhoon Bopha slams TMI Philippine Base December 6, 2012 200 Local Villagers take refuge in Teen Missions' Main Building Super Typhoon Bopha has claimed more than 300 lives with over 400 more missing. The entire southern island on Mindanao has been affected by massive Super Typhoon Bopha claiming hundreds of lives. Entire villages have been wiped out  in addition to the damage to roads, bridges and agriculture. The most powerful storm to hit Mindanao in decades, Bopha packed winds over 100 miles per hour when it first made landfall. Nearly 200 local ...
  • Philippino Students are Working Hard October 31, 2011 One testimony of a lady is that she thought she was worshiping the true god (idols), but now she is very thankful for the ministry of the students where she found the truth. This lady is a former leader of another religion, she is in charge of one chapel. The small stores are now complaining for they said nobody bought the alcohol drinks anymore! One father testified that when he found the Lord, the life with his family is now ...
  • Filipino teams use Sports, Clowning, Choir and Drama to share Gospel May 16, 2011 Teen Missions Philippines staff & students at Graduation 2011The Camiguin Basketball Team was invited to play basketball in their barangay and many of the catholic youth, cheer their game in the first half, but in the second half the team tried to stop and give a testimony and share the love of God. They invited the youth for Bible study every 4pm at the church. It’s amazing; 79 people received Christ as their Savior. The Medina Clown Team— There are 60 people who received and accept Christ as their ...
  • Devastating Flooding in the Philippines March 7, 2011 2010_Philippines_USTeam_59We always experience a heavy rain, and now the water is getting higher and higher. It's a big flood happen in Butuan down to Agusan Sur, many people were affected and their crops and livestock were so damaged.
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