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History & Ministries of the South Africa Base

Teen Missions in South Africa is located in Pyramid, outside the capital of Pretoria.  Each year the staff run the annual Boot Camp.  During the rest of the year, they operate a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center, as well as a retreat center.  One of their biggest outreaches is ministering to Children through a Motorcycle Sunday School Mission.  They teach children phonics, literacy, Sunday school lessons, arts and crafts, games and provide medical care when needed.

Land & People of South Africa

South Africa has a colorful past, as it was ruled by several nations over the years.  One of the most significant historical events was the inauguration of the Apartheid policy (racial separation) in 1948.  Though the policy was abolished in 1994, the tension is still present. There are 11 official languages in South Africa, including English.  Though 73% of the population claims to be Christians, many still hold to indigenous beliefs and animism.  There is also a small percentage of Muslims and Hindus.  AIDS and poverty are two issues that are very prominent in South Africa.  Around 7 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and 370,000 die of AIDS each year. There is also widespread poverty: 55% of the population lives below the poverty line and many are malnourished and starving.

Latest News

Meet the base coordinators Jason & Karen Shrock

  • Student Outreach to Fouriesburg, South Africa October 19, 2017 In October, students from the Teen Missions in South Africa base conducted an outreach to Fouriesburg, Free State. It was hosted by former student and MSSM staff Peter Putstonyeone. Here is their account of the trip... On Friday, many of the kids came out to greet us. The students organized some games in order to get to know them better. In the evening, we did an open-air program. We began with singing — Tebogo and Mrs. Elizabeth led worship. Afterwards, Bongani ...
  • Gap Year — Caity in South Africa February 3, 2016 Reported on December 2, 2015November in AfricaDear Family & Friends, All is going well here at Teen Missions in South Africa. We are very much well-adjusted to our new routines and lifestyle. I enjoy that we stay constantly busy around here. There’s never really a moment to become homesick because you are always surrounded by a new loving family. That being said, Emily and I were a bit curious on how Thanksgiving would go. We envisioned the two of us sitting ...
  • Gap Year–Emily in South Africa January 28, 2016 Blessed to Serve HereDear Friends & Family.I never get tired of our ministries here. I can’t wait to share the skills I’m learning with my friends and family back in Indiana. Evangelism and outreach have become easier now that I know how to approach people and what verses to share with them. Preparing for and sharing in chapel has left me with outlines and notes that I can continue to put to use in bible studies and evangelism. Also, I ...
  • South Africa Boot Camp Update January 27, 2016 Teams Are Hard at WorkThe South Africa base is currently running their Boot Camp. They have 82 team members and leaders on four different teams. The teams have worked very hard doing their projects and being a blessing to the people they meet. The four teams have reported 120 people giving their hearts to Christ, and have helped in many projects. They have completed the stage for a church pulpit, dug a pit for the toilet for the church, painted, done door-to-door ...
  • The Joy of Seeing Children Learn December 17, 2015 Praise ReportAll is going well here at Teen Missions South Africa. We are very much well-adjusted to our new routines and lifestyle. I enjoy that we stay constantly busy around here. There’s never really a moment to become homesick because you’re always surrounded by a new loving family. That being said, Emily and I were a bit curious on how Thanksgiving would go. We envisioned the two of us sitting at our table eating chicken, potatoes, and whatever else we ...
  • Being Faithful Brings Happiness October 9, 2015 The Joy of Doing MinistryShrocks: Took both Joy and Jolie to the doctor on Friday and now they are both on antibiotics. This is the 3rd round for Joy and she is still coughing. They did add some steroids for her this time to reduce the swelling she has in her sinuses and lungs. Girls had a better week at school and Friday started Spring Break. Jason's back procedure went great on Tuesday but he was pretty knocked out by pain ...
  • Sharing The Love of Christ September 18, 2015 Servant HeartShrocks: At the end of the week Joy’s cough got worse and we were back to the doctor. She now has a sinus infection and a second, and stronger, round of antibiotics.  Jason didn’t know he was preaching, but once again he got the surprise honor. We were at Pastor Abie’s church, Word of Life, and Jason was able to do the team setup for the Holiday Club Team while there. They had a big feast after church also. ...
  • Encourage Someone Today September 16, 2015 South Africa Base Report From the Summer Shrocks: Joy & Jolie spent the week in Joberg with big sister, Jenn and baby HannaLea. They are enjoying relaxing for the school break. Jason finally got his arthritis meds and within three hours was literally jumping for joy.  Karen is doing a lot of praying and crying over the BMW student's behavior, but God gives us strength everyday to be victorious. Peter came to encourage the students and gave us some encouragement also. The ...
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  3. which boot camp is near to Oman near saudi arabia

  4. Hi! I am Morris from Botswana and have a 20 year old boy on Gap from USA till August 2018. What program options can you recommend for him

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  10. Good day to whom it may concern. I’m a FTM from Zimbabwe and I based here in Johannesburg. My request is for Teen Missions’ phone number in Pretoria. Thank you.

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