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History & Ministries of Tanzania Base

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Teen Missions first Boot Camp in Tanzania ran in 1992 in the Pare Mountains, south of the town of Moshi. Work and evangelism teams have gone across the country to both the major cities and to remote areas. Staff from Teen Missions Uganda base have run the Tanzania Boot Camp since 2000 and new property for the Boot Camp and a future Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center was recently purchased between Moshi and Arusha.


The People & Land of Tanzania

Tanzania, located in East Africa, is a stunning land of contrasts. In the east, are the famous islands of Zanzibar. To the north, stands mighty Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. Lake Victoria (the world’s second-largest freshwater lake) borders Uganda in the north, and Lake Tanganyika (the world’s second deepest) borders the Congo. Some of Africa’s best game parks are in Tanzania including Ngorongoro Crater and the vast Serengeti plain. Tanzania’s population of over 55 million is approximately 61% Christian, 35% Islam, and 2% indigenous beliefs. Great opportunities exist for sharing the gospel in Tanzania and Bible-based discipleship remains a great need in Tanzania’s churches.



Latest News

Tanzania Boot Camp

  • Tanzania Boot Camp Report January 28, 2016 Bicycles, Evangelism, and Hard Work Tanzania has four teams this year at their Boot Camp, comprised of 89 team members and leaders.  The teams are working on landscaping and they have built the base for the water tank that they want to install. The teams are also painting the ceiling board in the building. The teams have helped with the garden for the BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center students. They did a great job and got everything ready for the BMW students ...
  • Prayer Is Powerful September 18, 2015 Praise Report We have resumed a door-to-door ministry working with a small Pentecostal Church about 5 kms from the base. There were five salvations as people made a decision for Christ. We are digging the trench for water with the villagers.From Tanzania :God said is there anything I can fail to do? On Tuesday about midnight my wife and I heard a big knock, a person calling out in Swahili (friend ) which has never happened. I asked who that person was and ...
  • A Life Changing Experience May 9, 2015 Tanzania Praise Report:My name is Morris Hapson. I was born in Kenya and brought up in Tanzania. My father is Tanzanian and my mother was Kenyan. My father left Kenya when my mother died when I was 7 years old. We are three in our family and I'm the firstborn. My other young sister and brother remained in Kenya. When my father decided to remarry  things started to change and life became difficulty and I had to go back to Kenya to join ...
  • Tanzania Takes Off January 30, 2015 Boot Camp Report Greetings to the big family, We send greetings from Tanzania. The Lord is doing great things in our lives and we thank God for your support in prayers, finances, and material support. We are now in our Boot Camp time with three teams of 11 leaders, 78 team members with 8 volunteers. We have managed to compact the dirt in the meeting hall and trusses are half way up. Our goal for next week is to start roofing the dormitory. [pullquote ...
  • Team Members Work Hard January 28, 2015 Tanzania Boot Camp Report For this Boot Camp we had 73 team members and 11 leaders were commissioned, five out of 30 who wanted to go home. We have 60 salvations and 5 rededications. We have finished roofing and this week we are working on the floor, as well as landscaping. We are planning to continue on the construction with the Uganda team that joined us on Friday night. Prayer Requests: Pray for projects as we work on the project site. Yours in His Vineyard,Saba and Ethel ...
  • Testimonies from Tanzania March 8, 2011 Tanzania Boot Camp There has been a heavy out pour of rains while training the leaders. They have freely shared about the inconveniencing rains that wet their beddings, with fun, after knowing that this was to be part of Gods training for them. Also, one male leader attending the team leader training seminar testified and said that his personal goal of coming to the Lord's boot camp is know the Lord and have a right walk with him. Many children from various ...
  • Tanzania Boot Camp Report January 26, 2011 Teen Missions in Tanzania, Africa Boot CampDuring leader training there was a extreme down pour of rain.The leaders freely shared about the inconvenience of rain, due to the fact of having wet tents. The leaders still kept a smile knowing that it was all just in preparation for the team.
  • Tanzania Update January 21, 2009 This week we have divided our entire team into EV groups and we plan to go out with the help from the youth at the church. Team members have been challenged from Muslims and Seventh Day Advents. But through it all we have had 57 people accept Christ.
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  1. My name is Paul, architect by professional.Jesus has called me as his apostle to my fellow gentiles ,in Tanzania as he did to a certain Jew called Saul ,Paul. I am hungry , and devoted to preach how can I join you?
    Contact: +255-682-810-529

  2. Theophil Hanzuruni

    God bless you for His work. I would like to work with you.

  3. I am Willy, from Mbeya. I need to host your team.

  4. Godliving Emanuel Sawe

    Praise the LORD
    i am from kilimanjaro and i want to be in boot camp this year
    please advise how to join

  5. I love the work of teen mission
    I wish lwoud join or see l m in Tanzania.l pray for you all .


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