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History & Ministries

Our first North American mission trip to Uganda arrived in 1991 and Teen Missions started its first national Boot Camp there in 1992. In 1996, 17 acres of land was acquired, which is located in Nakabango, a village near Jinja. Like most bases, an annual Boot Camp and an effective Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center is run on the property. In 2006, a second Boot Camp, called the Promised Land, was opened in northern Uganda on the shores of Lake Kyoga. Teen Missions in Uganda also facilitate two Rescue Units and three Matron Unit for young girls who live too far away from school to go home each night. On the main base, the staff and students are involved in agricultural projects such as gardening and raising livestock.  In January 2010 work began on a new base in the extreme north-west corner of Uganda in a town called Koboko. This base includes a Rescue Unit and Boot Camp, making it possible to reach youth in northern Uganda including the Sudanese and Congolese who also live there.

The Land & People

Meet the base coordinators Nelson & Maggie Cimbila

Fertile plains and mystic mountains define the landlocked sub-Saharan African country of Uganda. Winston Churchill dubbed it, “The Pearl of Africa.” 41 million people reside in Uganda. English is widely spoken, along with many tribal languages and dialects. Indigenous beliefs, Protestantism and Islam are all major religions in Uganda. Sadly, poverty and AIDS are two glaring realities that Ugandans face on a regular basis, though coffee plantations and farming are major sources of income.

Latest News

  • Uganda testimony May 25, 2018Uganda testimony
    I’m Joshua Ntale, I come from Uganda. I joined Teen Missions in 013, Dec. 5th. I joined Boot Camp as a leader and late I joined as a student. When I was a student I learned a lot of things. I learned how to do plumbing  and to wiring. Later I went to Koboko for my internship, where I leaned to lay brick and plastering. I finished my internship then I joined Teen Missions as staff. I have also learned ...
  • Boot Camp Update January 8, 2018Boot Camp Update
    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, we are grateful, we want say thank you for standing with us in prayer and we thank God for being with us this week. We started mowing the compound. We have finally registered the Team members and orientation in the different classes and activities  went well. In this camp we have 9 leaders that are three on each team, because we have many students we cannot put all of them as leaders so we ...
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  1. My name is steven chadi and I greet you in the neme Jesus christ our lord amen, I have joined teen missions international in uganda, koboko base this year and we are the pioneers in base,Thanks.

  2. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Juliet Epila Lukoda. I was one of the pioneer teen missioners in Uganda (1992). My most prized lessons were on servanthood and bible memory, although I have to say my life was completely changed by the entire experience.

    I would like for my now 14 year old daughter to be a part of this great experience. Please advise on what options are available and how she can get involved.

  3. i was in teen mission since 2009, at first in Nakabango team, secondly in koboko team for two years and lastly in Mombasa team where we went to Kenya. Do you have teams that still go a broard? thanks

  4. I was in Teen mission from 1998-1999 and I lost my certificate. Can I be able to get a new one? Geoffrey Mwaka. A student in AFRICAN BIBLE UNIVERSITY This year. How can I registered for the mission?

  5. Hello, Timothy in Uganda.
    Would like to enroll my nephew for 2016 bootcamp in Uganda but I have no one to contact plus no 2016 dates have been mentioned on the website.
    Please share Uganda program for 2016 with contacts, thanks.

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