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History & Ministries

Uganda Bible School Graduation

Uganda Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center graduation ceremony

The first North American mission trip to Uganda arrived in 1991 and Teen Missions started its first national Boot Camp there in 1992. In 1996, 17 acres of land was acquired, which is located in Nakabango, a village near Jinja, on the road to Kamuli. Like at most bases, an annual Boot Camp and an effective Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center is run on the property. In 2006, a second Boot Camp, called the Promised Land, was opened in northern Uganda on the shores of Lake Kyoga. Teen Missions in Uganda also facilitate two AIDS Orphans Rescue Units (AORU) and three Matron Unit for young girls who live too far away from school to go home each night. On the main base, the staff and students are involved in many agricultural projects such as fishponds, gardening and raising livestock.  In January 2010 work began on a new base in the extreme north-west corner of Uganda in a town called Koboko. Now under construction, this base will include an AORU Rescue Unit, Boot Camp and BMW making it possible to reach youth in northern Uganda including the Sudanese and Congolese who also live there.

The Land & People

Nelson & Maggie Chimbila

Uganda base coordinators Nelson & Maggie Chimbila

[dropcap]Fertile[/dropcap]plains and mystic mountains define the landlocked sub-Saharan African country of Uganda. Winston Churchill dubbed it, “The Pearl of Africa.” Thirty million people reside in Uganda. English is widely spoken, along with many tribal languages and dialects. Indigenous beliefs, Protestantism and Islam are all major religions in Uganda. Sadly, poverty and AIDS are two glaring realities that Ugandans face on a regular basis, though coffee plantations and farming are major sources of income. Considerable attention has been given to Uganda recently, as the heart-wrenching reality of the Lord’s Resistance Army was brought to light. Over the years, 20,000 children, known as “The Invisible Children” were abducted by the rebel army in Northern Uganda and trained to be child soldiers.

Latest News

  • An Orphan tells his Story May 12, 2017   A Testimony From Calvin Emyedu I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Allow me to take this time to appreciate Teen Missions International for the support given to me from 2006 when I was a registered as an orphan up to date. It looks to be a dream when I remember where TMI found me because I had lost hope of studying since I lost my parents. I became a total orphan and life became hard with no one ...
  • Making Disciples in Uganda March 2, 2017 (as reported be our national Ugandan Staff) This last Sunday, the students had the opportunity of ministering in one of the local churches called Nakabango Pentecostal Assembly Of God.They were given the privilege of running the whole program right from praise and worship, teaching bible study and preaching in the main service. We had Harriet teach Bible study and Gerald Joseph spoke in the main service. Now when these students had just come to BMW, they never had the confidence of ...
  • Boot Camp Begins in Nakabango, Uganda January 27, 2016 Uganda FlagBusy Times at Boot CampThis year 189 team members and leaders joined together on three teams in Nakabango, Uganda for Boot Camp. The teams have been busy helping fix up an old chicken coop to be used to house rabbits. Here is one testimony from Boot Camp. "At Boot Camp, on Saturday morning, one of the personnel noticed smoke from the truck. He ran to call a BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center student, who ran and unplugged the cables from the battery. When we looked ...
  • Koboko, Uganda Boot Camp Report January 27, 2016 Uganda FlagLives Changing Because of Boot Camp TeamsBoot Camp in Koboko, Uganda has 100 team members and leaders on 3 teams. The two teams at the base are called "Love Work" and "Pearl of Africa". They worked on the floor of three rooms and painted the office.They also connected the PVC pipes for both the boys and the girls toilets.They organized the store and arranged all the tools and Obstacle Course items. They also did some landscaping around the compound.A young lady on ...
  • Uganda BMW Base Report June 5, 2015 Thanks to all the sponsors who endeavor to see that the ministry is running through their giving.The Story of Aduka Jackline.Aduka jackline was born on 15th march 1996 in koboko. Currently she is 19 years old and one of the orphans at the House of Justice. She joined BMW this year after going through the 2014-2015 Uganda boot camp at koboko when she joined as a leader.Aduka studied her primary at Apa primary school in koboko ending in primary five and ...
  • It’s Boot Camp Time December 18, 2014 Getting Ready for Boot Camp We received a report from our overseas Boot Camp coordinator, Nelson Chimbila. The excitement is building as they prepare for the upcoming Boot Camp in Nakabango, Uganda. They have worked hard at clearing the campsites and eating sites, repairing tents and doing general maintenance on the property. Please pray for good health for the leaders and team members and safety as they ...
  • Ministry in Uganda December 16, 2014 Ministry This week on 26th September 2014, we had an invitation to go for ministry to a school by the name Busese Primary Day and Secondary School. The Head teacher warmly invited us and introduced us to some of the staff. Abraham Kimera was the programmer, Elijah Grace the Preacher and together with the help of Japhhet Micheal they performed a puppet show towards the end of the ministry. ...
  • Praise Report From Uganda December 15, 2014  God is Working In the Lives of Students During leader seminar, we have a time for the leaders and students to share their testimony. Many of the students shared about what Teen Missions has done for them. One student, Sarah, shared about how her family was having trouble affording school fees so she ended school after senior 4. She was not able to pursue nursing like she had once hoped but instead decided to come to BMW. Now, because of the program ...
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  4. I lost my teen mission certificate when i enrolled in 1999, how can i get a replacement? Evans

  5. I Roney I was a member of Theme Teens Mission International koboko in the year 2011,I am a Christian and having two certificates of teams

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