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History & Ministries

Teen Missions began running Boot Camps in Zambia in 1994. The first missions trip by a North American team took place in 1996.  In 1997, 20 acres of land was acquired near Ndola, where a base and Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center were established. At this time there are 35 Bible School students. There are also 15 AIDS Orphans (AOSC) Rescue Units and three Matron Units. In 2008, Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) was also established in Zambia; there currently are two circuits operating 12 bush Sunday schools.

The Land & People

Zambia is a located on plateau land in the middle of sub-Sahara Africa.  Of the 16 million people, there are over 70 ethnic groups living in Zambia, many of which reside in the western section of the nation. Copper is a major export in Zambia, though the tumbling prices of copper in recent years has caused the industry to struggle.  64% of Zambians live in poverty.  They also are struggling with the continued spread of AIDS.  Over 100,000 people die from AIDS each year. Zambia has the highest level of AIDS Orphans, about 650,000. English, as well as tribal languages, is widely spoken in Zambia.  Christianity is growing quickly, causing an awakening like never seen before.  The late president of Zambia was a Christian himself.  Islam and indigenous religions are also followed.

Latest News

Doug & Barb Petersen

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  • Chama’s return to Zambia January 5, 2018  Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are trying to adjust to Zambia again. Since we returned we have had to do Solwezi and Mansa Boot Camp purchases and prepare the field for planting. We have been working on the vehicles in readiness for the coming three Boot Camps. Today we have planted  3 and half ...
  • 14 Salvations at Mansa Boot Camp January 4, 2018     Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reporting on Boot camp. Salvations 14. We have 23 Leaders and 89 team members for 4 teams.   This past week we have been training the teams in all boot camp classes, we have also been working on the upcoming Mansa BMW classroom. The attached picture is how far we have come on ...
  • Circuit Riders Save Baby Buried Alive May 30, 2017 If our riders had not been there, this little boy would have died. The following is a story from the Sims Sunday School Circuit in Zambia, Africa.    Meble got married when she was 17 years old to a 25 year-old man.  Meble’s husband was a heavy drinker and did not care for her or treat her well.  This caused Meble to ...
  • One Life at a Time… May 12, 2017 We have a staff member by the name of Thomas Koba.  He first was introduced to TMI through the facilitator, Derrick Chungu (a graduate in Mansa ).  Thomas told me he was totally in the world and drinking and living a life of sin when he met Derrick.  Derrick invited him to come to Boot Camp.  He got saved at Boot ...
  • Zambia hospital outreach visits over 270 patients with 30 salvations March 24, 2017 Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, On the 19th  of March two staff and seven BMW students took part in hospital ministry at the Ndola Central hospital. They were joined by local churches here in Ndola that send some church members to the hospital chapel to help pray for the sick. We were about 40 prayer worriers in all. We visited 8 different ...
  • Overseas Mission update Zambia (Fall 2016) November 11, 2016 CORNERSTONE MATRON'S UNIT in ZAMBIA On the 10th of July, we had a patient brought in by the name of Charity Mwanza and she had sores all over her body. The sores were infected, and it looked like it was fungal. I got an antiseptic soap and washed her, and then applied Calmospetine cream on the sores. We told her family ...
  • Mansa, Zambia Boot Camp Update January 27, 2016 Boot Camp Has Begun in ZambiaThis year we have set up teams going to Livingstone, Lusaka, Kitwe, Lufwanyama, Chiwala, Ndola, and Masaiti. All the teams are ready. We have done the recruitment and thank God, all of them are full.There are 4 teams this year for Boot Camp. The first team will be going to Samfya to help the Pentecostal Church ...
  • God Works In Amazing Ways May 6, 2015 Praise Report from ZambiaAgain I am amazed at the type of lives the students have lived before coming here. One girl, Memory Chanda, said that her mom died after childbirth. Then her dad died a week later. Her grandmother took her for a while. Life was very hard. Her grandmother was a charcoal burner. Then the day came when the ...
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  1. I am kindly asking for the ndola contact.

  2. I have a child who is real wayward and I suspect he is into beer drinking and drug abuse…will u help him?? my email is [email protected] and am in Ndola.

  3. what are you doing to the youths with disabilities in order to involve them in the mission?

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