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History & Ministries

Teen Missions began running Boot Camps in Zambia in 1994. The first missions trip by a North American team took place in 1996.  In 1997, 20 acres of land was acquired near Ndola, where a base and Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center were established. At this time there are 35 Bible School students. There are also 16 Rescue Units and three Matron Units. In 2008, Sunday Schools were also established in Zambia. There currently are 68 Sunday schools running.

The Land & People of the Zambia

Zambia is located on plateau of land in the middle of sub-Sahara Africa.  Of the 16 million people, there are over 70 ethnic groups living in Zambia, many of which reside in the western section of the nation. Copper is a major export in Zambia, though the tumbling prices of copper in recent years has caused the industry to struggle.  64% of Zambians live in poverty.  They also are struggling with the continued spread of AIDS.  Over 100,000 people die from AIDS each year. Zambia has the highest level of AIDS Orphans, about 650,000. English, as well as tribal languages, is widely spoken in Zambia.  Christianity is growing quickly, causing an awakening like never seen before.  The late president of Zambia was a Christian himself.  Islam and indigenous religions are also followed.

Latest News

Doug & Barb Petersen
Click Photo to meet Doug & Barb Petersen
  • The Lost Report From July 14 July 21, 2019The Lost Report From July 14
    Hello from the TMI base in Ndola, Zambia! This will be our last report from the base. Tuesday we leave and head to Lusaka, a five-hour drive from here. Wednesday, we will drive to Livingston/Victoria Falls. Thursday and Friday, we will visit there. Saturday, we will drive back to Lusaka and on Sunday we will start our flights back to the ...
  • Zambia Lufwanyama Matron Unit Pictures May 14, 2019Zambia Lufwanyama Matron Unit Pictures
    We thank God for the help we got for the girls’ dorms, at Katembula. We were able to finish painting and build the new bunk beds. We bought them the mattresses and at Lumanto we were able to buy them 100 mattresses. I’m sure the girls will be blessed by the help. The Matrons at both dormitories are grateful to ...
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  1. I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, glad to read about how passionate you are to serve the Lord in Teen Missions, l have been studying Missions at OM Kabwe, Zambia since Sept 2018. My internship ends somewhere in August 2020 after an event called LOVE AFRICA CONFERENCE. I wish to see what you’re doing in Lufwanyama the period l’ll be on a one or two months break.

  2. I was part of an adult work trip from Australia in 2004 at the Lupiya rescue unit. Just wondering if anyone could provide me with a coordinate so I can check out the area on google maps and show my kids.

  3. Comment

    I am a 23 year old…didnt have an opportunity to participate in teen missions while I was a teen.Is there any thing I can do to be a part of the missions be it a volunteer or anything

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