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History & Ministries at Zimbabwe Base

Teen Missions in Zimbabwe
 is located near Mtshabezi Mission, between Gwanda and Bulaweyo. Each year they run an annual Boot Camp for Zimbabwean teens.  They also run a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center.  In the last year they have started the first AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit in Zimbabwe.  Through this outreach they have been able to help their community through the food and medical care.

The Land & People of Zimbabwe

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Meet Zimbabwe base coordinators— Claimed & Sipho Sibanda

Situated just above South Africa and below Zambia, Zimbabwe is a country in turmoil.  At one time it was a self-sufficient, prosperous country but today its people live in abject poverty and the economy has all but collapsed.  The downfall began when President Mugabe’s government began to remove the white people from their prime farmlands in 2000.  These farms were parceled out to subsistence farmers who had no resources to continue making the farms prosper. This land redistribution has caused staggering economic decline and mass food shortages.  The inflation rate is incalculable. The majority of Zimbabweans live in poverty and are barely able to afford basic necessities, such as food.  Simple things such as bread, meat and toilet paper are unaffordable luxuries.  Of the 13 million Zimbabweans, around 80% are unemployed.  Indigenous beliefs and Christianity are the two major religions in Zimbabwe.

Latest News

  • Zimbabwe’s Report! June 29, 2017 Hey everyone from the Zimbabwe Team!!! Can’t believe this is the last report we will have to write from Boot Camp. The next one we will be on our way to the mission field. I thought I would give you an idea of what our day is like here at Boot Camp. Wake up is at 5:30 am, we have five minutes to get dressed then we take the next five minutes to clean up the tent site to make it ...
  • Ministry Update from Zimbabwe (Spring 2017) June 1, 2017 Report received from Tsungirai Kamanga who is in Chegutu that is Mashonaland   Tsungirai is doing his 3rd year and is doing a very good job . The church that he is working with reports that he has been doing door to doors type of evangelism and from that 20 people got saved giving their lives to Christ. He is also allowed to preach at secondary schools around the city. On Friday, he went to Chitenderano Secondary School and he challenged  students ...
  • Zimbabwe Boot Camp Begins January 27, 2016 Saved at The Lord's Boot Camp Boot Camp has begun, and the kids are very excited. After the very first night of Boot Camp, the rally began and an invitation was presented to the team members. The team members were very open to the message and 14 gave their hearts to the Lord that very night!  The heat has been higher than they have ever seen in Zimbabwe this summer. Please pray with the people of Zimbabwe for rain.
  • Adult Team Makes An Impact June 3, 2015 Zimbabwe Report:Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Zimbabwe. We are so grateful of the fact that the Lord has privileged us to work in His ministry and we are also grateful for the Adult Team Andrea and David. They came in and the lot has been so gracious they brought the rain together because this season has been dry and the time has gone there has been nothing in the fields but we are so ...
  • God Works Through and In Us February 2, 2015 Greetings in the name of our Lord from Zimbabwe Thank you for the support of the ministry here in Zimbabwe.We are doing fine and the ministry is fruitful. At this point the teams are about to come back from their projects which are finishing tomorrow so Mutoko is going to be on an evening train tonight and should be arriving midday tomorrow and Gwanda can either travel also this evening back or tomorrow evening . We had one of the busiest and full ...
  • A lot of rain in Zimbabwe February 22, 2014 Greetings in Jesus name. Thank you for the support that you are continuing to give to the Zimbabwean base, staff and students. We appreciate the work that you are doing for us. When we look at the base there are so many things that lift our hearts up and we realize that you are the very people that God uses, so thank you so much. Our diesel engine and the generator are working very good, thus a praise for us. It was raining ...
  • Zimbabwe Update November 2013 November 19, 2013 Classes at the Zimbabwe BMW are going well as normal all students attending  the classes, no class was missed either by teachers. So we praise God that the students are benefiting from the lessons they are learning each day.These lessons are going to help them when ministering and it a good training for them. We are gathering fire wood for leader seminar, Boot Camp and Debrief and also working in the Garden. The Teen Missions in Zimbabwe Boot Camp will begin ...
  • Zimbabwe base ministry continues October 19, 2010 Pray for the Zimbabwe staff & students Pray for the staff and students as many have had the flu. We are working very hard in the garden so we can see it flourishing again. We planted some cabbage, tomatoes, greens and onions. It is coming up very well and we are so encouraged with what is happening. Finally we have chickens again. We got them on the 13th of this month and they are growing nicely. They are 2 weeks old now. Pray for our country, our leaders, ...
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